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Brain/Body Bitching

This is something I managed to communicate to kires night-before-last and was therefore able to communicate to yendi last night. He honestly hadn't realized. So. I'm writing it down.

I have always felt that I should be able to do anything and everything. Inside, I am mighty!

Outside, I'm a bit frail. Always have been. And this has always been frustrating. My back. My lungs. Et cetera. These things mean that I cannot do everything that I feel I should be able to. But, y'know, they really never impacted my day-to-day life.

I've already talked plenty about my inability to focus and my bad brain days on this medication. But here's the thing yendi didn't realize.

I get tired.

Of course he knows I get tired. He lives with me. But... I get tired from things that really oughtn't to make me tired.

I get so tired as to be mostly nonfunctional... grocery shopping.

Cleaning the house. And really, I just mean tidying.

I went to JavaMonkey with mermaidblue last weekend. We hung out for about two hours. And we were going to go to Little 5 Points afterward... but the exhaustion hit.

Just from hanging around outside my house for two hours.

So. That's the impact.
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