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* Happy birthday to cmpriest!
* Happy early birthday to crystalsage, gikiski, mr_wombat, someirishdude, and twisteddaydream!

* Hell to new readers dweezil, and enotnert!

* T minus 3 days until Elayna gets back home. *vibrate* Last night was a bad brain night, so yendi helped with her room. The main thing is that we can't do a damn thing with her dresser until the mirror gets put up...

I can't wait to see my babygirl! Gods, she's going to look taller. And tan.

* Today, I start planning my $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping.

...Okay, brain ran outta stuff for right now.

EDIT: Oh! Writing drought is over. Wrote a Kieran/Capri bit that was supposed to be porn, but derailed into a very emotional thing for Capri. But compensated by writing a little girl-on-girl action later.

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