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There may be a puppy in my future.

A temporary puppy, but a puppy nonetheless. Temporary because yendi is only considering fosterage. lupaloo, he has lots of questions; I told him to e-mail you.


I grew up with dogs. A dalmation (Tiffany) that my parents adopted right before they adopted me. :) An English Springer Spaniel (Cassie) for about a week; she bit my dad and my sister, so they had to take her back to the Humane Society. :( A poodle (Pepper), who died in 2001? 2002? And during that first marriage, an Irish setter named Casey.

The longest I've ever gone without a dog in my life was... most of 1994, my time in Vegas. After that... years with Pepper. And now I haven't had a dog around since I moved up here in 2001.
I have gone three years without a dog.

I am bi-pet-ual. I love love love cats as well. In North Carolina I had Patrick and Stasi, in Arizona I had Stormtrooper (it was the coloration), here I have Max & Jack.

We got Jack when I was looking at dogs. I went into the cage area at Petsmart to look at a dog from the Humane Society. But Jack insisted on coming home with us.

I have been wanting a dog for three years.

Even if Edgar is only temporary... that's my fix, man. Just to have a dog, if only for a little while.
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