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Good things in life

* Was treated to lunch at javamonkey! Strategic Shadowrun campaign meeting with static_eddie. Which became, well, a series of tangents because we have the attention spans of ferrets on a sugar high. We have decided that the next meeting ought to be moderated by someone who can keep us on task.

* I just wrote "ferret" with an extra "t". Damn you, theferrett!

* We saw manifestress at JavaMonkey! Yay! That woman rocks my world. Lovely surprise. :)

* I believe that one of my ex-lovers (we were never boyfriend/girlfriend) is telling me that he has naked pictures of himself. If this is the case, I shall require evidence. Ah! Wait - he says they are. Everything but money shots. He has been instructed to send them to me. I love Gmail. It's almost as realtime as AIM. EDIT: Ooooh, clarification from him... "You can show them to whomever you like, just make me (Anonymous) to others....I like feedback on this stuff....helps self esteem." Heh. I am asking how many people = too many...

* One hour til I go home and well, clean til I fall over, then watch more Firefly.

It's a good day.

* Today my little fishie has face-painting and songs&skits. Tomorrow she goes to the movies. Friday she goes bowling...

And then she comes home! *does the dance of joy*

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