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Medical? question

Bright lights occasionally flashing in my peripheral vision. Hallucination-type lights; the lights in the office are static, and they aren't being turned off and on. but I've had this flashy thing twice so far this morning. Series of flashes, then nothing.


How bad *is* that, precisely, doctor-people?


Comment from weofodthignen: "If it's all around your peripheral vision, it could be glaucoma."

Heh. I remember going to the eye doctor last year. I remember them deciding that I was borderline for glaucoma, and telling me that I ought to come back in a year; sonner if I started having problems. That was last July. So. I'm due. I've been putting it off, though, because I had so much with the spine center and the oral surgery and the neurologist in January and again next week; I'd been putting off the opthamologist and my yearly checkup because those were the lowest priority, and I need to save up sick days.

Guess I'm going to be skipping lunches to make up the time. Because now...

8/3: Neurologist.
8/5: Regular doctor, to talk about my non-neurological side effects (disturbing weight loss, hair thinning, etc.).
8/19: Opthalmologist.


Did I mention that I hate going to the doctor?


* Neuro wants me to go to primary care doc before my neuro appointment.
* Primary care appt. is two days AFTER neuro appt.
* Spent 10 minutes on the phone with the primary care doc' receptionist. Primary care doc is out of town until August 4!
* Called neuro, left message asking if it was at all possible to move *that* appointment to late on the 5th or anytime on the 6th. Now I wait.

Did I mention that I hate talking on the phone just as much as I hate doctors?

Also - thank god for my Clie, or I'd never be able to keep track of this shit.
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