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Elayna and the 2000 Election

Last political post of the day, I promise, but I just told this story to murnkay, and I wanted to share and put it in its own post to I could memory it.

Did I ever tell you what Elayna had to say about the 2000 election?

This is when we were living in a townhouse. I was asleep. She'd wandered down for breakfast and cartoons. And she YELLED up the stairs. "Mommy! There's something wrong on the TV!"

I looked at the clock. "Cartoons start in ten minutes!" (PBS is news until it's cartoons.

"No, something's REALLY wrong!"

So I go downstairs. She's riveted to the TV. She turns to look up at me in utter disbelief, and she says, "They're saying George Bush might have won the election!"

Five years old, man.


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