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Nail, meet Head.

I was trying to be eloquent on this, because I try to, because I am storyteller-'song. My brainmeats have been robbed of their eloquence. A new discovery: an hour and a half out of the house is enough to thoroughly exhaust me.

So I scrapped what I was originally writing here. And sent it to him in e-mail. Because you generally are not eloquent, nor are you trying to be eloquent, when you're shooting off a quick e-mail.

I'm putting this here for posterity, because I like to remember this stuff. My road map.


I have this pathological need to label and categorize everything in my
life, particularly any sort of relationship.

This, our thingie, though not a Capital-R-Relationship, was nagging at
my brainmeats.

But I have realized now that it is beyond categorization. There is
honest and unconditional friendship here. And rampaging lust. And
there's not a word for it. But for once I'm perfectly fine with it.

Now get yer narrow ass back up here so we can watch "Dodgeball".


As an addendum: I am damn glad that you are in my life.
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