Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

*taps fingernails*

Few things are more annoying than having an hour and fifteen minutes left in your workday and nothing else to do on a day when you have stuff at home that you really wanna do.

Especially on a Friday.

I should've skipped lunch due to nausea. Then I'd be able to go in 15 minutes. I was nauseous. I'm still nauseous.

In other news, Elayna played basketball today.

*hits Gmail*
*tortures sub*
*mocks the stupid with yendi*
*tortures sub a little more*

Am resisting the urge to do Shayara work, as I would only be doing it because I feel guilty these days when I don't work on it at every available moment; inspiration isn't there right now, though, and I ought not to force it.

Fortunately, the vote on "Four Sisters" was unanimous; the four who checked that they wanted to see something else did also check yes for "Four Sisters". This is a good thing, because the story is now half-done, and I really do want to get it to you guys in a timely fashion.

I know haikujaguar wants more linguistic stuff and zarhooie wants Lyric - as always! - and deyaniera wants Capri's recovery... but ladyortyger, what did you want?

Addendum: I must form a Blog-A-Thon 2004 filter tonight, so I can post a poll asking who wants what incentives. swisscheesed wants to know who she's doing illos for.

EDIT: Other project - the long-since-abandoned "14 girls in 14 days" project. Mea Culpa. Already did Tessa, Capri, and Julia; your other requests are Tyka, Lyric, Jessamyn, Alanna, and Donna. That's 8. Any more requests?

EDIT: Does anyone remember the food ridethingie at EPCOT? The Land? Where you go to the fruit and vegetable part and they're singing "veggie veggie fruit fruit - veggie fruit fruit"?

I apologize to those I just earwormed.

Anyway, that's in my head, with reference to what I'm doing on Gmail, except it's "torture torture mock mock - torture mock mock"...

EDIT: Further earworming that will affect no one but me: I can't get kires's voice out of my head. Specifically, a particular voice he does. When he holds up my squid beanie baby and says "I am a cute little Elder God." Just - this fucked-up little voice. I gotta have him phonepost that voice.
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