June 25th, 2014


In the interest of posting more of my day-to-day...

...well, Judah stuff has eaten up most of the past three days, though I did have a good chat with ashlyme before most of it hit.

Elayna's partner Aza has been visiting, which means less time alone in the house to write! But they're going to museums today and tomorrow, so my priority list:

* look over and edit that one story I finished at asakiyume's and find a damn title for it
* more work on the novel - I found a way around that thing that was bedeviling me to the point of setting the whole thing aside, wrote the next chapter and a half (interrupted by dogsitter (presumably not from Porlock)), then had a very active weekend. Must get back on it, because what I've got so far just nails it, and that's exciting.
* slush-reading with ashlyme for Liminality. SEND US YOUR POEMS Y'ALL

I have a lot of frustration about Judah re-inserting himself into my life after this absence, and one of those frustrations is that when I'm dealing with this shit, I'm not writing. I can't get the writerbrain going. And I have momentum on stuff. I want to be working, y'all.

Not to mention that I have several other projects in the hopper, one that I get to talk about soon, one less-soon. I have been doing a lot of moving on and building anew, and here he is with a bulldozer.

So. Anyway. Today I hope to write and do writing-related tasks.


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I've been made aware that some have created a me vs. party hosts narrative.

That does not exist.

You'll notice that my prior post said nothing about the hosts of Saturday's party. It's a huge, busy party and things happened fast - and the hosts have e-mailed me saying they're investigating. I know they've already spoken to some people. They have a call scheduled tonight with someone who has a lot of extra-relevant feedback for them. The reason I didn't say anything about them is that this is actively getting worked on.

And yet, completely outside of the process of the people actually involved, someone has decided that they want a me vs. the community narrative.

I'd like you to think about who that narrative serves.

It serves no one but Judah.

Y'all know that I will name and shame if a situation merits it. The fact that I have not tells you that this me vs. hosts narrative is patently false.

Consider your sources.

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Okay, this is a day of small posts, because I forgot to mention: I won't be going to Pi-Con this weekend. My foot is not healing as quickly as we'd like it to be, and walking around on it all weekend is not recommended.

(Related: Am available for hanging out this weekend after all, so there's that.)

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Last small post for now, then I have to go shower, then write...

Current household/relationship roll call!

Elayna is 19, I know, you guys, ridiculous. She's transferred colleges and will be attending Framingham State in the fall, still majoring in Elementary Education.

Still married to Adam (yendi, Tsalmoth and Yendi on Twitter). No news is good news? Life is good, he's doing cool stuff at work, and he and I are working on a nifty project that we'll post about very soon. And we're talking about renewing our vows for our ten-year wedding anniversary this October.

Dating Mat (ashlyme, Damsonfox on Twitter). Sadly this is long-distance. Lots of poetic pining! He and I are co-editing Liminality, which is gonna be so awesome.

* Guild Navigator Nicodemus Pontifex (Nicky), age 6?, chihuahua/corgi mix. Has adjusted well to our household, but does still need training to help him get over his anxiety, which is $400, and I dunno, we'll find it somehow.
* Count Sebastian Vorcattigan (Bash), age 13?, Maine Coon. Still gorgeous and mildly disdainful and gigantic.
* Milady de Whisper (Whisper or Wisp), age 5?, tuxedo kitty, new as of Mother's Day. Slinky and sneaky and to be adored on her terms alone.
* Charlotte, age 2?, tortie. New as of this past Friday! Has not yet accrued additional names or titles, though Elayna thinks she might be an empress. Absolutely darling, very smart, adores people.