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So as I've said, the Four Sisters, One Day thing popped into my brainmeats, and I've already finished like 35% of it... I totally lost the who's your favorite character post, though. So I'm wondering if the story that's already coming out is cool enough for you sponsors, or if you desperately want something else. Majority rules. Like if, "other", the characters that get the most suggestions will triumph.

"Whose cuisine will reign supreme?"

Sorry. Iron Chef moment.

Reminder: The four sisters are, in age order, Tessa, Alanna, Katrianna, and Julia. I have an idea for Tessa's segment that involves her going after a certain kid...

Poll #325114 BlogAThon Story

Four Sisters? Or something else?

Four Sisters is cool by me.
Nooo! I really wanted something else, which I will reveal in the comments!
I did not sponsor you, so I don't get to see the story anyway. But. Shiny button!
Tags: poll, shayara
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