December 8th, 2012


Catching up!

I have been told that me saying "don't panic, we got this" made some people panic so, um, sorry... if you panicked? Personally for me, it changed the tone of the e-mails and tweets I was getting from "OMG WTF" to "Oh, okay! Here are my issues, thanks!", so je ne regrette rien. But maybe my people are just weird? (Keep being weird, my people. I like your flavor of weird.)

I spent a big chunk of yesterday going through every panel and doing stuff like taking the person who said problematic shit about sexual violence off the "More Than One Way to Traumatize a Character" panel and taking white moderators off race panels and stuff like that, and I feel much better now.

The other concern panelists have expressed is that some of the panels are at suboptimal times; I wish this was not so, but we only have so many programming slots, and every year we have to make the choice to run $PANEL in the morning or late-night when it garners less of an audience, or not run $PANEL at all. I tend to go for the former, because at least it gets a shot then. I truly wish I could run everything at prime times, but I do not get the entire con to myself! I have one room and then some overflow slots in other rooms, which are all at suboptimal times. :( I do all I can, but the Westin is not a TARDIS.

Everyone who paid as of 1am this morning: your package has shipped. Yes, that is how late I was up. I took a picture of my BPAL sale packing zone setup. Well, a few, to edit into a giant panoramic shot. It took up the entire dining room table. With the leaf in. Long, long morning/afternoon of going through All the Things and packaging up orders; long night of shipping stuffs. This is why I only rarely do this.

I still have to pack up some Storyvilles that got paid for this morning, but I'm out of Teflon tape. They will ship Monday.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
We saw The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Wellesley last night - much needed stress relief! It's a funny show to begin with, but it was even better because Elayna got recruited to be one of the guest spellers. She was onstage spelling and being ridiculous through much of Act One. :)

College Interview Day!
She interviewed with Mount Holyoke at 9am (they were interviewing in Boston, not onsite), and she's at Wellesley right now. Phew. Smith will be this week, and I need to schedule Brandeis.

Yay thegreenyear!
We are hosting the lovely and talented thegreenyear as she looks for an apartment! She's moving to Boston next month! *throws confetti* Ideas for brunch places, y'all? And do you know of anyplace good? Two-bedroom, no cats!

The Slutcracker
We will be attending The Slutcracker Sunday evening. Looking forward to our holiday tradition. :)

And with that, my limited computer time for the day is over!
Elayna 2011


The answer to the question I am asked during every conversation these days: Bay Path, Brandeis, Framingham State, Lasell, Mount Holyoke, Salem State, Smith, Wellesley, Wheaton.