October 16th, 2012


Back on schedule? Maybe? Almost?

Having been off-kilter for a few weeks now, I'm viewing today suspiciously. Judah's showering now and might get out the door roughly on time; Elayna and Adam won't be home til 5. The deadline for Arisia panel signups has passed, so I don't need to be poking at that for another few days. I appear to actually have writing time!


So today = working on the story time_shark indirectly dared me to write, working on some essays with an encroaching deadline, and in between, doing laundry and unpacking my sweaters. Also starting my holiday shopping list. Which probably includes knitting a swatch in the yarn I'd like to use for Elayna's Chanukah sweater, because I should order yarn for that verra soon. (It's big and it's sock yarn but it's entirely stockinette stitch and almost entirely in the round. This makes it TV knitting and totally a thing I can accomplish, right? Right?)

Mostly a sedentary day, though; I had a minor outpatient surgical procedure yesterday and shouldn't be too active. This should keep me on track with the writing! :P

How's by you?