January 19th, 2012


Miscellaneous Stream-of-Consciousness Catchup

* I HAVE BEEN SLEEPING! I have a theory that I sleep better when I have sex with Judah (sindrian) right before I go to sleep, particularly sex of a certain type. Obviously we must run many, many tests. FOR SCIENCE. Really, though, the one piece of non-ridiculous advice the sleep doc gave was to take the clock out of the bedroom; I don't know if that's working, but something is. Which is good, because I was decidedly in the danger zone. Related: it's amazing how much happier I am in general when I'm not horribly underslept.

* I have still not heard back about my bloodwork; just left a message inquiring about it.

* Sometimes it can be difficult to not respond to people's petty ludicrous bullshit; I remind myself that if I touch it I will get their cooties. I do not want cooties. I can enjoy being right without telling the world how right I am, and I can giggle privately at the fuckery. Where privately = snarking with my husband via e-mail.

* I am listening to my latest mix CD from cucumberseed! That is one of my favorite post-con things, listening to shiny new music from cucumberseed and/or pattytempleton. (The number of burlesque routines that build themselves in my head to these CDs, y'all. You don't even know.)

* You probably know that cucumberseed is a fantastic writer, but did you know that he is also a fantastic painter? He is, and he painted skogkatt and Moss and April, and the reason I mention this is that I was like OOOH PAINT ME LIKE ONE OF YOUR FRENCH GIRLS and he already has plans. His plans are to paint me, Adam, Judah, and Elayna, all together. And I love that - not just the painting, but that the four of us are so very clearly a family unit. This was not a thing any of us thought would happen. But yeah. We are. <3

* Last thing about cucumberseed: We have a Sekrit Project. When it is unveiled, some of you will be like "YES" and some of you will be like "what is this I don't even." I will just say that one of my favorite parts of being a writer in this community is that I get to play with my friends, and this project takes that to a whole new level.

* Speaking of playing with my friends, tomorrow's Wyrding Studios update may be of interest to some. *whistles innocently*

* Post-con networking has led thus far to a copyediting gig and at least one program participant invitation, among other things. Also a lot of "I don't understand why you think I'm the expert in that" requests. (At this point, I think many people think I can give an expert opinion on anything and everything. Seriously, they fight me when I tell them I'm not the ideal person to do the thing they're asking. I am being honest with you, dudes!)

* I'm not really writing about the con itself, because that-all deserves its own post. I have a lot to say.

Have some Link Soup, as I must clear some tabs.

* Uncle Rob says, "Why did Mark Gibbons strap a washing machine to his back and then climb to the top of Mount Snowdown in Wales? He did it to raise charity money for the Kenyan Orphan Project. If, in the coming weeks, you try anything as crazy as he did, Pisces, make sure it's for an equally worthy cause. Don't you dare take on a big challenge simply to make people feel sorry for you or to demonstrate what a first-class martyr you can be. On the other hand, I'm happy to say that you could stir up a lot of good mojo by wandering into previously off-limits zones as you push past the limitations people expect you to honor."

* I am happy to be doing my part in creating a consent culture!

* Racialicious breaks down the Shit [$PEOPLE] Say meme.

I have Survivor Speakers Bureau Peer Supe tonight, and a lot more e-mail and post-con tasks to get through before then. Miles to go before I sleep, but at least I've been sleeping, the past two days.