January 4th, 2012

B5: Battle of the Line

Backup Project at Arisia!

Crossposted from backupproject:

The Backup Project has a fan table at Arisia! We will have buttons! And flyers!

All we need is people!

The fan tables need to be staffed as many hours as possible between 10am-6pm, Friday-Sunday, with special emphasis on Saturday. If you can take a shift, please let me know! Many hands make light work and all of that.

Also, does anyone have a stock of leftover buttons or ribbons we can beg of you? I ordered the 100-pack of buttons, but it's a big con, and we'll hopefully run out of those. Next year we will have a whole lot of ribbons, but we'll be short this year.

Also of interest: I'll be running a panel on sexual harassment and assault in fandom at 5:30pm on Saturday, with cluegirl, asim, and sweetmmeblue. And if you have teenagers who attend the con, send them to the teen lounge at 4pm Saturday for a workshop on con safety and social change!

Note: Members of the Gentlemen's Auxiliary totally welcome.

Arisia Schedule!

7pm: Introduction to Arisia: Is this your first time at Arisia? Maybe your first time at a con? Welcome! Our experienced panelists will give you tips on how to get the most out of the con, and on con survival in general. (juldea, folzgold, Samantha Dings, me.)

10am: So, What's New?: Nanotechnology is now an industry. Cloned animals can be bought online. Robots are getting smarter and more lifelike. Science is telling us that the future could be different in ways (vanished glaciers, droughts and floods, and reduced biodiversity) that are materializing perhaps even faster than AI and the Singularity. Is science fiction paying proper attention to the best information available on the future? What is new and on the horizon that SF should look out for? How could it change SF? (James L. Cambias, Jeff Hecht, Sarah Smith, sindrian, me)

1pm: MY READING! Mine, cucumberseed's, and skogkatt's! As usual, if you can only get to one thing, make it the reading! cucumberseed and I have elaborate and devious plans!

4pm: Social Change and Con Safety for Teens: This teen-specific workshop will cover several topics on the spectrum of sexual harassment and assault. Come learn about how to maintain safer spaces at the con, how to change your culture and make sexual violence a thing that's clearly not tolerated, what to do if you're harassed at the con, what to do if a friend tells you that they've been harassed or assaulted, and more. This item will be run in the Teen Lounge. (Just me!)

5:30pm: Sexual Harassment and Assault in Fandom: In the last few years, multiple problems have arisen at conventions around the country that are troubling for many. Sexual harassment is not just about someone trying to grope a woman in a skimpy, barbarian costume. It's about being able to say "no" and have it respected, a willingness to back someone up if they need it, and the ability to recognize when they don't. How can we all contribute to making conventions free of harassment? (me, cluegirl, asim, sweetmmeblue, and Karen Sullivan - who apparently does not have an e-mail address!)

2:30pm: Speculative Poetry Slam! Me, Elayna, cucumberseed, upstart_crow, sovay, skogkatt, April Grant. If you can only come to two things, come to this too!

10am: Collaborating Couples: As partners in life, it may not be such a far stretch to join forces in the work field as well. However, where do they draw the line between their home life and the office? Are they allowed to talk about work during off hours? Do they work in separate offices? How do they divide the tasks? What advice could they offer other collaborating couples? (me, sindrian, cluegirl, aquila_dominus, Tuna Oddfellow)

11:30am: Among the Ruins: In many works of fantasy, characters come across the ruins of "The Elder Race" or "Those Who Came Before." How did they get there? How do they influence the characters? Let's talk about the archaeology of fantasy -- why aren't some stories about finding out who these elders were, and why they had better architecture and tech than Our Heroes? (Vikki Ciaffone, April Grant, John Costello, me.)

And also apparently I'm in charge of staffing the Backup Project table, so um yeah, help. Didn't know I was in charge of that til this week.
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Obligatory "For Your Consideration" Post

This year's publications!

Short Fiction
* "Truth and Life" in Steam Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories
* "The Portal to Heaven" in Electric Velocipede #21/22
* "I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between" in Apex Magazine #29

("Valentines" and "Fortune" were reprints.)

* "The Library, After" in Mythic Delirium #24.
* "The Changeling's Lament" in Stone Telling #5.

If you liked any of these and are the nominating type, have at! No pressure, and this'll be my only post on the topic!