December 31st, 2011


Some things I did in 2011

* Wrote a poem that went bewilderingly viral, expanded a novelette to a novella, wrote part of another novel in that series (oh, yeah, got a book contract and then lost it when the publisher went under), refocused on the novel I should be writing and got good work done on that, plus other assorted writing. Got nominated for stuff. Had two poems and three new stories published, plus two reprints.

* Quit my job for health reasons, stress reasons, and ethical reasons. The resolution of the ethical stuff is still in process, which is why I've not been talking about it. The ethical-reasons part confirmed that I cannot set my honor aside for expedience and convenience, and I'm glad of that, at least - of the sure knowledge that, on the big stuff, I will not compromise my honor.

* Renewed my commitment to my volunteer group big-time; we are fire-tempered now, and even more a family than we were before. Did five survivor speaker engagements in four weeks, which I will never do again, but each of those was great - including being the survivor speaker at SlutWalk Boston.

* Went to Arisia, Wiscon, Readercon, PiCon, and PhilCon; was named the Guest of Awesome for next year's PiCon.

* Baked bread for the first time, and not the last. Also persevered on cookies and other assorted baked goods. I will not let celiac take my cookies away. :P Also started cooking more in general, and a more diverse array of foods.

* Endured six months without sindrian (Judah). Astonishingly, the relationship deepened and grew in absentia, which had never been the case before.

* Grew even more with Judah when he returned. We are a constant source of education for each other. In the good way! We'll all be moving in together next year, and some sort of ceremony will happen eventually. After his business is fully launched, we'll be discussing that more. :)

* Crushed on countless people, really. You're probably one of them.

* Knitted eleven shawls, seven scarves, three cowls, three baby blankets, three sets of fingerless mitts, two hats, one full-sized blanket, one pair of gloves, and one cape. No, my bedroom is not full of knitwear - a lot of this was for other people. Elayna was the prime beneficiary (she got all the cowls, a scarf, the cape, and the blanket), but also Judah, gwynraven, maxymyllyn, omnisti, tithenai, my mother, my grandmother, three babies...

* Read a bunch of books - 83 fiction, 61 nonfiction.

* Worked hard at too much to list, every damn day.

* Had several friendships/relationships shift. Might need some code names for some people in the nearish future.

* Did hard honest things.

* Ate a lot of risotto and colcannon. Hosted our smoothest-running Thanksgiving yet. Didn't dance enough. Laughed a lot. Fell deeper in love every day. Fought for sleep every night. Was proud of my daughter for so much, but especially for trying out for a capella and the school play (both of which she got into); was proud of my husband for so much, but especially for his taking charge of his health upon his diabetes diagnosis. Did scary new things. Dealt with how to define myself after leaving the job. Made deep realizations about how and why I write. Learned things all year.