December 30th, 2011


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Today, I:
* did my household stuff
* worked on New Year's Eve planning with a bunch of different people
* did Arisia planning, specifically: arranging stuff for my reading, planning the speculative poetry slam, e-mailing all of the panelists for everything I'm modding (sometimes with lengthy summations of the topic and how I mean to discuss it)... I'm on nine program items. Why did I think I wasn't very booked this year? Did the cons I did 10-11 items at over the past year reset my baseline?
* went through all of BARCC's workshops, to customize next week's Arisia staff workshop and pull together a brand new custom workshop for the Teen Lounge at Arisia (Arisia has specific needs)
* Started collaborating with fellow volunteers on a new BARCC fact sheet
* Wrote a poem
* Made further Backup Project inquiries
* Authorized an online project you'll hear about soonish
* Made devious Boskone plans
* Knitted eight rows on the shawl
* Tried to nap, and instead read several chapters of a book

And I still feel like a slacker, because I wanted to get more writing done. It turns out that relegating non-writing tasks to Mondays only works when said tasks are not very time-sensitive.

Tomorrow I'll do my best to get more writing done in the morning. My schedule is mangled - with Adam home for two weeks, it always feels like a weekend! I've learned that I'm very reliant on being left alone in the house to get things done. It's hard to lock myself in my room and focus on writing when the menfolk are gaming in the next room. My regular schedule will resume on Tuesday; Elayna comes home Monday, and her school starts again on Tuesday.

I have a bit of writing that's due tomorrow that I have yet to begin; it's nonfiction and not the sort of thing I write, so my brain's been overlooking it, but it's a favor for friends and so I must. At least it's to be short. And then I can focus on stuff I want to write.

Also, I need to get to some of the more complex and/or bewildering things in my inbox that require response. You would be amazed what people think I'm an expert in, I tell you.

There are two parties I'm going to try to get to tomorrow! I shall be accompanied by sindrian, grntserendipity, and iambliss, and I am not to drink the rum. Because now we know what happens when I drink the rum. We're having that nommy chicken and waffles for dinner tomorrow night, pre-party.

...I need to be doing less, but I don't think there's anything else I can drop. The Arisia busy-ness will pass in a few weeks, and so will some of the BARCC/Arisia stuff, but the BARCC stuff will be slowly ramping up until I spend April doing nothing but BARCC stuff. And then I will rest through May, I hope.

I have typed and deleted a bunch of stuff about my sex life! The problem is that there is such a muchness with Sindrian; it feels indescribable and also private, but it is epic, and I suppose that is all you need know.

I should go get some more done; early to bed tonight. I slept fairly decently last night, but I've been operating on a mild deficit all week, and I failed at nap all week. I remember when my days didn't revolve around worrying about sleep. Years ago, I did not have seizures that I was aware of, and I was able to sleep without the maximum amount of Lunesta doctors will prescribe (which only gives me 4-5 hours some nights). I didn't have to be constantly aware of how much sleep I'd had and when I woke. I miss that. I have to have constant low- to moderate-level sleep-related paranoia, because sleep dep can be fatal for me. Annoying.

But parties tomorrow night! And Sindrian and beautiful women to attend them with! That, I like.