December 19th, 2011



Happy birthday to ioianthe, qemorio, and tbclone47!

Hello to new readers crazy_book_lady and seekerofspace!

State of the 'Song
Oof. Physically mostly okay, just drained; we ended up not getting out of the house at all on Saturday, to any of our planned things. Which makes me a bit argh, but clearly we needed the break.

* I have decided that Monday is Get-Shit-Done day. If I start to get distracted from settling down to write by, say, the messiness of my office-supply drawer? I can turn that off by saying "I will handle that Monday." This worked last week! We'll see how it goes. This way, hopefully, I can focus on writing without feeling like I'm slacking on everything else. I am not not doing my chores. I am doing them on Monday.
* The holiday knitting is done! Elayna's cape isn't really done until I have ribbon for it and have sewn it in, but it's as done as it's going to get without a trip to the craft store.

Link Soup
* Gluten-free latkes.
* Padlock trees! I've seen this on fences, but not trees. Love spontaneous rituals.
* Also love this article about "Fairytale of New York".
* Eleven thoughts about Lisbeth Salander.
* Epic fantastic essay about victim-blaming.
* Anatomy of an idea.

BPAL Reviews
Brood XIX: Tree sap, hay, almond blossoms, moss, hemp, corn stalks, acorn, sweet amber, and rice milk.
In bottle: Sweet and outdoorsy.
On me: On me it goes even sweeter; I swear there's brown sugar in here somewhere. The moss note is gorgeous, as usual. It smells like honey feels.

Io: Red musk, pomegranate, cranberry, blackberry, mango, purple sage, thyme, and angelica root.
In bottle: Hard red candy.
On me: Hard red candy. Like from a grandmother's glass dish. Really, really strong. Fairly unpleasant.

Daily Science
An international team of astronomers has identified a candidate for the smallest-known black hole using data from NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE).

Do All The Things! Seriously, too many small-to-medium tasks to bother naming. Tonight we're having crockpot coq au vin, so I get to smell that all day, nom.

How's by you?