December 13th, 2011


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I'm printing out all of the novel-in-progress I have, and that is taking a while, so now seems like a good time for an LJ post.

This weekend I hosted a party and attended another, and it was the most group-social sindrian and I have been in ages. There will be more! From this point in December, it's parties all the way down.

What have I been up to? The aforementioned getting my house in order. Lots of reading. Holiday knitting. A lot of what I call pre-writing - planning and exploring and turning things over in my head and following mysterious glints. And the writing itself.

(I do worry about disappearing into myself, with the writing. Writing is scary. Loss of self is scary. So much more since I started having seizures, you know. And I write myself into a charred husk. I've told sindrian that I can remember to eat lunch or I can write, not both.)

I'm not going to Florida for Christmas. This is the first time I haven't gone since I started - 11 years! Combination of factors... last year's food stress, financial reasons on all sides, time-crunchiness - whenever I thought of going, I had that little clench in my gut and the "we are going to lose half of December!" voice, and so I had to listen to that. Adam's work goes through the 23rd anyway.

Elayna is still going, and that rocks for her!

Update on Elayna: She is still awesome. 94th percentile on the PSAT, good role in the school musical, and we get to see her perform with the band (flute) and a capella group (alto) tomorrow!

Ah, the printer has stopped whirring. Time to get down to it.