November 3rd, 2011


House concert!

This is where I remind you that we have having a Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps house concert on Monday, November 21!

slipjig is opening!

From the event description:
Heather Dale writes songs inspired by legends, mythology, history and fantasy. She and her partner Ben Deschamps are cheerful, adventurous and free- spirited people who spend most of each year traveling on concert tours. They fuse the Celtic folk tradition with a healthy mix of world music and rock influences.

And they're going to be at my house!

Show starts at 7pm, with slipjig opening! $10-$15 suggested donation. We have three cats; we'll clean heavily and confine them upstairs if we need to, but medicate if necessary.

Check out, and we hope to see you at the show! :)

The Facebook invite is here - please send it to anyone who might be interested! Please RSVP because I will be making snacks, and if you don't RSVP, I shan't let you have any. :P Also please let us know if you're attending and need the cats to be sequestered - that's easy to do an hour before the show, but incredibly difficult when we already have a house full of people.

Pass it on!

Driveby scatterbrain linkdump

All of my time and energy has been hoovered up by a few things that have exploded all over my inbox. No, that's not a euphemism for anything. Plus this week is really busy anyway - I owe you long posts about last week's Civil Wars concert and last night's Frank Turner concert, both of which were completely amazing - so I have no time, y'all. I have not eaten yet today. Of course, I've been nauseated for a few days, so I'm not particularly inclined. But still. Shower and coffee after this.

Here's another post about the WFC creeper. And this is one of the explodey-inbox things, but I will put this out there, because I know I have people here who are on the concoms of many cons - BARCC provides free trainings for you, for your security team, for anyone who wants it. Boston-area concoms, if you are interested, please let me know! If you're not Boston-area, chances are your local rape crisis center offers similar trainings. Give them a call!

I'm loving this interview with William Gibson.

Dan Savage got glitterbombed for being transphobic. Aw yeah.

I think I'm going to use the rest of this irksome day to deal with as many of the highly annoying things on my plate as possible, so I won't have to deal with 'em tomorrow and can have a day just dedicated to awesome things.


Weird cat is weird.

Victoria's food plate is inside her cage.

Victoria is sitting outside her cage, reaching between the bars to scoop up bits of food, and licking it off her paw.

Weird cat is weird.

(General Victoria update: Still limping, still locked in her cage overnight, but quite active otherwise. She's rather insistent that she is just fine thank you very much, and keeps attempting things she does not yet have permission to do.)