October 13th, 2011


Thor's Day

...how is it Thursday already? Oh yeah, Elayna had Monday and Tuesday off from school. That's why this feels like Tuesday.

Hello to new reader katyakoshka!

State of the 'Song
Stressmonkeyish due to housing bullshit, but physically okay.

The deadline to sign up for panels is this Saturday!

I remind you also that a lot of people sign up for panels; I have 20 or so interested in some of the panels on my track. The best thing you can do to get on the panels you're interested in is a) rank them and b) write a comment about why you want to be on them. All of the track managers have a lot to wade through, and I know that I personally will always evaluate panelists who leave comments first. If five people have left great comments about the topic and the rest of the interested people said nothing, guess who's getting on the panel? If you are really interested in a panel, tell us. We don't know your life. Tell us why you'd kick ass on that panel.

Also, poets, the Speculative Poetry Slam is now on the panel list. Want to read your poetry? Sign up!

Also: Arisia Lightning Talks! Like 5-minute TED talks! You can sign up for them! I might. What do you want me to talk about for 5 minutes?

I am pretty sure I am failing utterly at the auction-winner's shawl! It's a thing having to do with the beaded yarnovers, and I need to have a Knitting Grownup take a look at it; it may in fact be beyond my current skill level. I'm only on row 11, but I don't want to persevere and keep screwing up and then have to redo the whole thing.

So given that I'm on pause with that, I finally have time to knit something for myself, and I'm having the worst choice paralysis. I haven't knitted anything for myself since August. I'm torn! Things I am tossing around:

* Georgia sleeves in Malabrigo Sock (Candombe)
* Crossfield Shawl - but as a lap blanket, in Malabrigo Rios (Zarzamora)
* Shipwreck Shawl seems like too big a project to take on between like this, but I have been craving it. In Mind's Eye hand-dyed, gunmetal.
* Vortex Shawl in Tosh Merino Light (Boxwood)
* Stockholm Scarf in Malabrigo Silky Merino (Ravelry Red)
* Nautilina in Sundara Fingering Silky Merino (Ruby Port)
* Pole in KnitPicks Gloss Heavy Worsted (Wine)

So apparently I want to be working in deep reds, greens, or purple/blues. I need the sleeves most, but I think I want the blanket most; thing is; it's designed as a laceweight shawl, and no one's done it in worsted yet, so I don't know what needle size to use, etc. Clearly I want to be knitting in the round. I'm still intimidated by Pole, but I really want it. Erf.

And I have to keeping talking myself out of defaulting to baby jackets and gifts for other people, because it is time to do a thing for me.

Sometimes it is hard to do a thing for me.

Which makes it more important that I deliberately do so.

Plus, with my stress level the way it is, sitting down with a movie and a knitting project for myself is a good way to ground myself.

Link Soup
* Hey new parents! kythryne has just come out with a line of baby-friendly necklaces! Get you some!
* On blogging, threats, and silence.

Daily Science
The hazy history of Titan's air.

Should go to the grocery store while it's not pouring. Then writing stuff, then doing the slow-cooker portion of dinner, then knitting stuff. I think. I hope.
Boondock/can't believe

How my day has been.

So I decided that, in order to de-stress, I would make rosemary polenta muffins. Greased my muffin tin (that sounds dirty!), poured the polenta, flour, salt, and sugar into my mixing bowl...

...we have no baking powder.

How the hell do we have no baking powder?

I checked the pantry, spice cabinet, gluten-free cabinet, nothing. No baking powder. What is this I don't even.

I throttled down my stress, took some deep breaths, and said fine. Chocolate-chip muffins. I have a muffin mix, just need eggs, milk, butter, vanilla, and chocolate chips, and of course I have all of those. (I stockpile the only soy-free gluten-free chocolate chips known to man. I have four bags of them. You would too.) I opened the box of muffin mix, grabbed a bowl, went to grab the butter..

...we have no butter.

This is the part where I primal-screamed.

We have a stub of butter; that's what I used to grease the tins. But I needed half a stick of butter. No dice. No butter. I tore the damn fridge apart. No. Butter.


I fired off a tense e-mail to the guys indicating that somebody I don't care who needs to bring some goddamn baking powder and butter home when they get here. Sat down to read for about half an hour and got up at 2:30 to cut up the veg to go in the slow cooker at 3.




Okay, for one, butternut squash do not want you to cut them. Or peel them. They actively resist. Vehemently. Butternut squash is like "fuck you." The potatoes were fine; the carrots and parsnips were fine. The beets did not want to be peeled. The chopping took, all told, an hour and a half.


I am supposed to toss the vegetables in a bowl with the olive oil, salt, and pepper, and you guys, I do not know how this is going to turn out, because I did not have a bowl big enough. This is a lot of veg. I had to climb up and get the large crockpot from the cabinet over the fridge - which had apparently not been washed before being put away, so add in the damn washing of that - and still the pile of cubed vegetables o'ertops the crock. I mixed the oil and salt and pepper in as best I could, but this is by no means an even distribution. And it hit the crock an hour late. So. WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS. I think that next, fuckit, I'm just eyeballing the veg. Screw the recipe.

So my hands are cramping, my back is killing me, I want to scream, and I still don't get any rosemary polenta muffins, so fuck today right in the ear.