September 8th, 2011


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to blergeatkitty and ceolyn! (I'm really intermittent about checking for birthdays these days, so apologies if I missed yours!)

Torbutt had her X-rays yesterday. She seems to be healing well! She's now allowed out of the cage for extended periods of time, and we have some minimal physical therapy to do with her. She's still not allowed to jump on anything or climb stairs, so if you're over here and she's roaming, please help us keep an eye on her. :) She has lost weight, which pleases her vet immensely!

X-rays cost over $300 and she has another set next month, so now is a good time to remind you that you can acquire awesome stuff at kittycyborg! Auctions are running through Monday 5pm EST!

Likes her teachers and classes thus far! Her elective this semester is photography, and she's fresh off a photography class from Explo that she loved. :) She's really only had one homework assignment so far, so we can't yet evaluate whether her new system is helping her keep up.

One of Those Days
Had a series of conversations yesterday that may change the shape of my everything, and was just wandering around going whoa most of the rest of the day.

Link Soup
* I think most of you have seen Will Alexander's takedown of Orson Scott Card's latest steaming heap of bullshit, but there it is for those who haven't yet!
* I was told about segmented sleep before electric lighting a while ago and filed it in my brain as a thing to verify later; someone linked to that page this morning. Yep, that's a thing. Moreover, it seems to be a thing my body likes to do (oh hai 4am!). I wonder if I can make that sleep schedule work for me?
* azurelunatic has some interesting Google+ information.

Not-so-daily Science
A 580-million-year-old fossil is casting doubt on the established tree of animal life. The invertebrate, named Eoandromeda octobrachiata because its body plan resembles the spiral galaxy Andromeda, suggests that the earliest branches in the tree need to be reordered, say the authors of study in Evolution and Development.

Writing day! First real writing day in a long time, and I have got a pot of coffee and some plans. Muahaha.

For the record, from now on, writing time is always going to be morning til early afternoon; you should please assume that I am not available for anything until 3pm. (Which is when Elayna gets home and I get evicted from the world in my head.) The Gojirawitzes will happily take callers after 3.

This afternoon, I'll be going over to slipjig's to record "The Changeling's Lament" for Stone Telling; slipjig claims that he hasn't got anything terribly special in terms of recording equipment, but given that he is recording an album yay, I disbelieve. Also, he has actually recorded things in the history of ever, and I have not.

And this evening, I hope the rain clears so we can go see As You Like It, which is an outdoor show!