June 17th, 2011



And he is home; no more countdown. <3 <3 <3

Happy birthday to scathedobsidian, happypete, tisana, and shadowriderhope!

Happy early birthday to shweta_narayan and rosefox, who advance a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Definitely feeling that high level of activity yesterday. Ow. I woke up at 4 - but I'd gone to bed a little early, and I was able to ease back to sleep from 5-6, so that's not as much sleep loss. Still running on a deficit, though.

It felt like sindrian just went out for coffee. Like he'd never left. I was worried that we'd have to get used to each other again, but... completely natural. We stayed so connected in his absence that even the enormous ways in which the relationship grew have been seamlessly integrated. I'm stunned by this, and may keep repeating myself about it for a while.

Link Soup
* My new addiction: A Doctor World, which mashes up A Softer World's text with Doctor Who visuals. Sometimes the results are just cute, but often they are perfect like whoa.
* kynn brings us "how to choose the absolutely wrong person to write about girls and D&D".
* Remember to vote for the Million Writers Award! *koff*Amal El-Mohtar*koff* *koff*The Green Book*koff*

Daily Science
Unusual gamma-ray flash may have come from star being eaten by massive black hole.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Crinkly red asymmetrical top; skirt that starts off with a black-and-white floral print and becomes gradually more colored in til the flowers at the bottom are scarlet. Also it's beaded. And it has an underlayer trimmed with black floral rickrack that I have to show everyone because it delights me. I feel like I'm back in elementary school showing everyone my Underoos. Related: I miss Underoos.
Reading: Uncertain Places by Lisa Goldstein.
Writing: Stressmonkey sleepdepped 'song nuff said.
Knitting: On the final main-body repeat of the Clothilde shawl. Plus I have a baby blanket on the needles because apparently I always do now. Also, the yarn I need to finish the last two rows and the Bindoff Row From Hell on the Hemlock Ring blanket arrived. It is... from a very different dyelot. But the blanket is for Elayna, and like Honey Badger, she won't care.
Today: sindrian's unloading his CNC router and other equipment at the Asylum while I'm at work, and returning the U-Haul trailer. We don't have solid later-day plans, but there'll most likely be meal-planning - he likes to cook, and I have new GF cookbooks! We'll need to integrate my dietary restrictions with Adam's new restrictions. Tonight, we're going to see trowa_barton in Equus.

Tomorrow: Beginning of Summer party!

Sunday: Father's Day! Movie - probably X-Men: First Class - and dinner. *nod*

Circus Girl without a safety net


I have been waffling about this for a bit, but this week was really decision time, so:

I will not be doing Blogathon this year.

The huge stressors elsewhere in my life have sucked up all time and energy (ending soon, I swear!). Doing the Blogathon requires a lot of time and energy - in fact, I'm already way behind in terms of auction planning.

So my decision comes down to
a) add a major stressor for the rest of June, the entirety of July, and the beginning of August (recovery time!), or
b) do not add a major stressor and give myself some time to rest.

I think the healthy decision is clear. Surprisingly, I am actually making the healthy decision! Go me.

Since Blogathon as an Official Thing appears to be dead, I figure I can do it anytime I want. You may see a surprise Blogathon this winter, even. But for right now, is too much. When even the thought of answering e-mails regarding a thing sends one into stress spirals, and one does not actually need to do said thing, one ought to evaluate whether taking the year off would be best.