June 13th, 2011



2 days.

Happy birthday to ldy, roomette, off_coloratura, and hughcasey!

State of the 'Song
Unwell. I'd managed to get mostly caught up on sleep, but I got blindsided by some awfulness last night and only got about 2-3 hours. So now I have to work to get caught up and hope for the best. Like I have said, stress + sleep dep = danger, Will Robinson.

Many thanks and much love to tablesaw and omnisti for 3am and 5am (respectively) impromptu Gchat therapy in various forms.

You guys. What is up with this weather, you guys? I was freezing my butt off at Pride - so cold and wet and miserable that I cancelled my post-Pride plans. :(

The rest of the weekend was more housecleaning and reorg. My refrigerator makes sense now! Freezer doesn't yet, but apparently we need to cook a turkey before we can reorganize the freezer. I am not opposed to this. I feel tired but accomplished.

Oi, Bostonians!
Marian Call at Pandemonium Books, June 30.

Link Soup
* Amina, the "Gay Girl in Damascus", is a hoax.
* An aptly-timed post from Seth Godin.
* MBTA bus poems.
* Chris Sims on Barbara Gordon.
* The Hunger Games viral marketing has begun. (Make sure you click on the cupcake!)

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Many migraines may have a common genetic basis.
* Researchers create light from 'almost nothing'.
* Nearby galaxy boasts two monster black holes, both active.

Work. Nap.
Brain worms

Life with 'song and Adam

Me: Really? Tracy Morgan said women are a gift from God reserved for real, deserving straight men? Really?

Adam: Really.

Me: I just did not know that I was RESERVED for anybody is all.

Adam: You're like a library book. Someone can reserve you.

Me: Yeah, I'm like a library book. A bunch of people can reserve me.


Here's more Life with 'Song and Adam, with a demonstration of my ability to quote things I have not seen. Also, do not get on my case for not wanting to talk to people on the bus: I spend all my workday on the #^$*&)*)^ phones, and the bus and the walk from Harvard to Central and back are the only moments of solitude in my day. I want to read my book.

Unrelated to any of that, the treatsfortits bake sale ends at 5! Go over there and bid!