June 10th, 2011



5 days! And he's out of contact through Sunday night. *twitch*

Happy birthday to miss_lisa_ma!

State of the 'Song
Early to bed and slept through the night, so I appear to be functional today yay.

*pause button*
Nyargh that the timeline on my stressors getting dealt with has been pushed back. There's forward momentum in a big way, but really I just want to fast-forward to the part where things are dealt with already.

Make with the clicky!
I am so late on this; it got lost in the Wiscon shuffle. (Got down to Inbox 29 yesterday, and most of that is writing to-dos, BARCC volunteer stuff, Blogathon stuff, Strowler stuff, and things that require lots of attention.)

Kristen says: "I was hoping that you might be able to post a link to the youtube video of our first dance which was to Rock Lobster. http://youtu.be/Dt0byr971gs We owe my in-laws back for part of the wedding budget and if we get enough views we can apply to youtube to put ads on our videos and maybe make money through that (I have a chronic illness that makes it impossible to work and my husband's a phd student). "

Here you go! So make with the clicky, y'all! (It really is a cute video, too.)

Link Soup
* Possibly the definitive post on Rihanna's "Man Down" video. (TRIGGER WARNING on the video.)
* New Interfictions Zero essay!
* Yay Weird Al!
* Wired discovers bronies. [h/t bluegargantua.]

Daily Science
A big surprise from the edge of the solar system: magnetic bubbles.

(Not time for Friday memeage.) Work today, tabling for BARCC at the Pride Parade tomorrow, last-minute house stuff on Sunday!