June 8th, 2011


Odin's Day

7 days!

Happy birthday to tamidon!

State of the 'Song
Got good sleep last night, which helped, but I'm still far from 100%. Did get the window AC unit in, with help from feste_sylvain - just in time for it to hit 90 today. (Dear native Bostonians: I though we were supposed to have spring here?)

New Flogging Molly last week, new Frank Turner this week, and I have a bunch of music from pattytempleton. Aw yeah. *bounce*

MY DINING ROOM TABLE IS CLEAN. *ahem* Sorry. I'm having a Moment.

Hopefully I'll have energy this afternoon to keep on the cleaning. Also I've picked back up on the Hemlock Ring blanket, which has been sitting on my coffee table taking up space and being pointedly half-done for months. On round 44 of the 55 rounds of feather & fan. Note: at this point, each round is over 400 stitches. I'm considering expanding it to the 70 rounds of the expanded chart; I suspect that'll depend on me keeping this momentum. Also on how much yarn I'll need - I may already need to order an extra skein. I'm knitting this sucker in chunky/bulky. The goal is full-size blanket for a twin bed. Elayna, the intended recipient, is watching with keen interest.

But yeah, at this point, working on the blanket is a decluttering measure! Even on the circular needles, it takes up most of the coffee table itself.

May find out about some stuff today, but in all likelihood, everything will be settled early next week. YES PLZ. Stuff That Might Happen is not actually what's got me in a stressball, it's just the not knowing.

This Green Lantern Corps/Glee poster is adorable.

Daily Science
The world's oceans could be littered with thousands of undiscovered 'lost cities' housing communities of creatures that thrive in some of the Earth's most extreme conditions, a new discovery suggests.

As above. My workday is mostly meetings today. My afternoon/evening is all house stuff if the AC is working sufficiently. Momentum, y'all. Momentum.

I know my LJ is boring right now. It'll pick up soon, I promise.