June 3rd, 2011



11 days!

Happy birthday to ellyssian, we_happy_few, and mllelaurel!

Happy early birthday to trouvera, zeppo, azurelunatic, and vanuslux!

Hello to new readers kate_nepveu and kynn!

State of the 'Song
Crashed out pretty much straight from work yesterday. Have yet to get un-tired from Wiscon and travel and glutening.

Link Soup, The Hub Version
* "Equestria Girls". MLP:FiM fans, just watch. Actually, everyone watch. You will become fans.
* Via ktempest, minimalist MLP wallpapers.
* Like "Equestria Girls", this is an actual Hub promo: "Jem Don't Care". Yes, by Randall, the Honey Badger guy. Jem don't care. She just takes what she wants. [h/t weds!]

Daily Science
Robot Skin Can Feel Touch, Sense Chemicals, and Soak Up Solar Power . (I can see stories in this, but they're all creepy.)

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Jeans and a black crewneck T. SRS BIZNESS. (Also, it's in the 50s here. What?)
Reading: One of our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde.
Writing: Started a short story earlier in the week, but have not had brainspace for writing since I got home, and that's terrible, just like Lex Luthor stealing 40 cakes.
Knitting: Red Clothilde shawl, gold Villeray scarf.
Planning: Well. Today is going to be Eventful no matter how it goes down. Tomorrow's the Survivor Speaker training. Sunday I have nothing on my calendar, and I'm keeping it that way - we have serious housework to do, and I need to intersperse that with rest. One of the Wiscon reality checks = how far my internalized ablism goes. Stubborning myself through trying to function as an able-bodied person is not doing me any favors. That's a post I owe y'all. I owe you a few posts.

MLP: Pinkie stars

Wiscon recap: Thursday/Friday

trowa_barton nudged me to recap Wiscon. So I will! I am eminently nudgeable when not entirely exhausted.

The thing about Wiscon is that the party starts way before you get there and ends way after you leave. Really, it starts in the airport, where I was on the same flight as Theodora Goss, sparkymonster, and Chip-who-is-LJless-I-think. Discussed there and at the Milwaukee airport with Ay-Leen the Peacemaker and Lucretia Dearfour on Monday: next year, we need to rent a party bus. BOSTON CARAVAN. Seriously, there are a lot of us. I call dibs on first iPod-DJ shift!

So Wiscon! We flew! I knitted! We met up with Sumana and skogkatt and some other nifty people in Milwaukee! Flew again, for 15 minutes! Then it was Madison! And the traditional fully-packed ridiculously silly shuttle to the hotel. A shuttle full of woohoo!

A note: As usual, there is absolutely no way I will be able to namedrop everyone. Rest assured that I adore you, I promise, but cons are sensory overload, y0.

omnisti, s00j, and stealthcello arrived in short order, and we had the fun of hauling big luggage carts of stuff through the lobby yelling that the circus had come to town. <3 So many hugs were had!

Eventually there was dinner. And stuff. To be honest, I do not remember much about Thursday other than hugging a bunch of people that I so rarely get to see.


I began my streak of getting up too early. But for good cause! Because grntserendipity swooped in to take me to Silly Yak Bakery so I could stock up on nommy and portable gluten-free buns and other assorted deliciousness. Getting the GF shopping done promptly is a huge help. Plus, a chance to hang out with grntserendipity, who I think I hung out with most besides omnisti this weekend. :)

From there to the Gathering. The Gathering is 1-4pm on Friday - they open the ballroom and have a bunch of tables and activities, from hair-braiding to $1 ARCs to a clothing swap and more. This was my third year running the refreshments table for the Interstitial Arts Foundation. Coffee, tea, and subversion! Basically, I get to be sparkly at people for three hours. Not a hardship. Except that I always forget that I need to take breaks and sit down every so often. I got a periodic assist from ktempest, and actually did sit down for two minutes once. Hey. It's a start. :P

The great thing about the Gathering is that you get to see everyone!

The bad thing about the Gathering is that you get to see everyone... for about 30 seconds.

But this is when csecooney and pattytempleton descended upon me! And thegreenyear! And omnisti kept swinging by for quick hand-squeezes, knowing that I need occasional grounding. :) And everyone. Basically I saw everyone.

And then I had to go hole up in the hotel room for about an hour because I was on People Overload, but that's okay.

Conventions are easier for me when I have a partner with me, or at least someone to have as sort of a social anchor. I can get overwhelmed, and like Pooh and Piglet, sometimes I just need to be sure of you. Parts of this Wiscon were especially hard for me because I didn't have that. Friday was one of those parts. I was vacillating between feeling connected and utterly unmoored. I think that the proximity of sindrian's return was adding a bit to that - so close to being able to have him there with me! So close and yet impossibly far.

Friday was also the day of three huge emotionally intense conversations, so that was a thing. And one of the three big life-shifts of last week. So Friday was heavy. Friday was a thing.

And then there was dinner, and then the karaoke party! With Cooney and Templeton, O'Neill and Redding, omnisti and - well, many more! Many many. We suffered much just to watch tithenai sing "Roll a D6" with Benjamin Rosenbaum and David Moles.

If you missed that, I am ever so sorry. You shall never see its like. IT WAS EPIC. So very worth it. :)

Of the parties, I really only got to the Carl Brandon party and FOGcon, I think.

And then it was Saturday, which was its own thing.

And of course, this is also how it happened.