February 28th, 2011



Last day of quarantine. Still weak like kitten, but capable of eating normal meals.

Birthday week!
It is my birthday week (actual birthday Wednesday) and I am the goddamn birthday princess. I have no idea what that translates to this time around, as I'm likely to be in slow recovery mode all week. Nonetheless, it is so. Make a note of it.

Birthday Party
Roles taken/still available for Twelfth Night can be found here.

Are you going? I have a time-sensitive-ish reason for asking.

No link soup today; it's been a napping/reading/knitting/writing sort of weekend, not an internetty sort of weekend.

Daily Science
Recent data for gas rich galaxies precisely match predictions of a modified theory of gravity known as MOND according to a new analysis by University of Maryland Astronomy Professor Stacy McGaugh. This -- the latest of several successful MOND predictions -- raises new questions about accuracy of the reigning cosmological model of the universe, writes McGaugh in a paper to be published in March in Physical Review Letters.

I may be feeling well enough today to hang up clean clothes? Still on the sedentary recuperation track.

Thoughts on my last day of quarantine

For the love of all you find holy, do not show up to my birthday party this weekend sick or recently sick.

Look. Usually, I get one big winter sickness and then it's over. I'm down for a week and recovering for another week or two.

This year?

I have had maybe two to three weeks of not-sick since Thanksgiving. Cumulative, not continuous. Given the massive failure of my lungs to recover from the November/December and January illnesses, if this norovirus had been another respiratory thing, I would almost certainly just be in the hospital at this point.

I have books to write you guys I cannot be in the hospital.

So please. Please. Please. I adore you, I want to see you, but I cannot handle another illness, physically or emotionally. I will either cry or cut a bitch and I don't even know which, and I'm pretty sure you don't want to find out.