February 23rd, 2011


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to transfiguration!

State of the 'Song
Still down with the sickness. Food managed in the last 48 hours = five forkfuls of bland risotto.

This is my third major ick in three months. Not fair.

Girl Scouting across the universe
This is the first year since kindergarten that Elayna hasn't sold cookies. I find myself a bit thrown by this; it had become part of our annual cycle.

They technically still have a troop. They just aren't doing much at all, and when one of the girls graduates from high school this year, they won't have enough scouts to be a troop anymore. End of an era.

Dude! Massive congrats to tithenai, shweta_narayan, rachel_swirsky, vylar_kaftan, and a bunch of people who I know from cons but are not on my friendslist. *laugh*

Link Soup
* I would like so many of these.
* Lara Logan, Julian Assange: Two Cases of Rape Culture. This is but one of the reasons you should believe survivors - who's going to make a false accusation when they know this is the way they'll be treated?
* The things in the city that are beautiful are always melting away. Lovely transient art. I would love to do something like this here.

Daily Science
Common parasite uncovers key cause of Crohn's. As the article indicates, this could potentially be huge for all autoimmune disorders, especially gut ones, which is what I have, so... *crosses fingers*

Um. I might have enough energy for a shower today?