February 22nd, 2011


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to beloved s00j!

Hello to new reader dpolicar!

State of the 'Song
Norovirus. Feeling incrementally better today than yesterday. You know what's frustrating? Being too sick to write or knit.

BARCC Walk for Change
The Walk is a little over a month away! Sponsor me, and join Team Venture! Team Venture consists at present of me, Adam, kythryne (plus baby Miles), miss_lisa_ma, jennifer and her husband, fiddle_dragon, and two awesome dogs. This is one dog more than last year, but fewer humans. Number of babies remains consistent. *nod*

In all seriousness, my birthday is coming up, and this is what I want (besides the usual "hi I have wishlists" stuff). Sponsor me, and walk with me!

Scott Brown
I haven't watched 60 Minutes yet - maybe today! - so I do not yet have an informed opinion. Stay tuned!

I originally typoed "tomoday", which I take to mean "maybe today, maybe tomorrow".

Link Soup
* Obama administration rescinds Bush's "conscience" rule for medical providers.
* con_or_bust is active once again!
* An exhaustively-researched timeline of Penny Arcade's fuckery.
* Pretty.
* Now I want to read Joe Abercrombie.

Daily Science
We can totally have conversations with dolphins now.

I would love to get some writing in, but I do not know if that's doable. Probably I'm spending most of the day in bed. Will not be at Diesel.
PSA! - by Zarhooie


Dear others who are home sick today: Amazon is now offering all of its movies and TV shows on demand free to Prime customers, of which I am one.

Seeing as I am not budging off this couch, this is particularly well-timed.

...I will not watch The Human Centipede. Not without Adam.