February 17th, 2011

Body Count - by sforzie

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to bleaknimue and parrish_relics!

State of the 'Song
Today's lesson: when the hand that touches the naan touches the spoon and the spoon goes back in the rice, go ahead and be a pain in the ass and order more rice. Says itchy tired 'song. (Hey, sometimes one rolls the dice, and one ought to make a note of the results.)

Did writing yesterday. Looked at writing. Realized it was the wrong writing. Okay. But I realized why, so that's good!

Link Soup
Will probably be intermittent from now on, just because I have less time for internetting - but I share stuff on Google Reader a lot, and that pops up in shira_links, too.

Daily Science
Pretty nebula!

Work, writing. Tabling at Lasell College's production of the Vagina Monologues tonight... I will need to cut back on my volunteering to get books done, but I'd already signed up for this one.

I go!


* Love this. Also, why do people catcall (ever at all but especially in) 10-degree weather? Dudes. You could not even tell what I'm shaped like under that coat. How could you even tell I was female?

* I have the Google Labs feature on Gmail that suggests who else you might like to add to that e-mail you're sending. I find this useful and interesting. Gmail knows that when I'm sending an e-mail to both Adam and feste_sylvain, I probably want to send it to sindrian, too. It knows that if I'm e-mailing taura_g and hammercock I probably want to add trowa_barton. But. I just e-mailed Adam and Elayna, and it suggested kires, enderfem, and maxymyllyn. Gmail? Why do you think we are in Florida?

* I can't deal with my hair today.

* Why is anyone surprised when I say things like "I will not heal him with the power of my magical vagina"? I don't understand how you don't just automatically expect things like this from me. I am just saying!

* It really does have superpowers, though.