February 13th, 2011


Oh, and.

Seeing as everyone in the local geek community is getting knocked up these days, I should specify: My awesome "everything is changing even faster whee!" is in no way related to that. I remain unimpregnated!

That is all.

For now.
Elayna & Mommy laughing

Go Elayna!

Elayna's going to HSSP this spring. (I love Boston so much. Opportunities like this did not exist in Atlanta or Florida!)

Her schedule:

HSSP Symphonic Band: The HSSP Symphonic Band is a course designed to challenge students ranging from middle school level to advanced high schoolers. Music ranges from classical to modern day movie soundtracks! This class will go over a variety of subjects that will advance and polish students techniques. As a final for this class, the students will put on a final concert to show how far they have come!

HSSP Concert Choir: The HSSP Concert Choir welcomes vocalist from the middle school to advanced high school levels. This class will be taught songs ranging from classical to modern culture as well as music in foreign languages. Students will be covering a variety of knowledge on advancing and polishing their vocal techniques. At the end of this class, as a final students will be performing a concert to show the hard work and effort that they have put into the class.

Totally excited about these, because her school band is loaded with people who don't really give a shit, and she has been wanting to play with people who are serious about music. And she loved chorus in 8th grade, and has the awesome voice that I totally do not.

And. AND!

Dreams and Dreaming: Dreams have been described as the doorway to the unconscious. But do we understand what we dream, or why? In deep sleep, we recreate our past memories; do we also dream and create the future? Are our dreams trying to tell us something? We’ll compare the theories put forth by philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists and storytellers. We’ll discuss the brain and the science of dreaming and thinking, including the philosophical theories of where dreams and knowledge come from. Discussion will include Einstein, Freud, Carl Jung, Artemidorus and Edgar Cayce. During the last two sessions students will hold a Dream Council, using what you have learned to interpret the dreams of your fellow classmates. Each class will include examples of dream imagery in famous art and music, with special attention to oneiric filmmaking. By the end of the course you will be able to identify archetypical images and metaphors in dreams, music, art and film. Using film theory you’ll learn to reflect on the quality of a film’s oneiric imagery, auteurism and cinematography. Recent movies to be shown will include Avatar and Inception and may include classics by Ingmar Bergmann, Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky and Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. We discuss many topics you may never have considered or debated, it’s a lot of fun and I hope you join us.

She is so totally pumped for this. It was her #1 choice. She just kept reading the description and the syllabus and going "Oh my god OH MY GOD I HAVE to get this class!" There may have been a passionate plea on her application.

So yeah, all the Gojirawitzes are doing awesome stuff. Just heard Elayna say from the other room, "Man, everything is happening!"
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Iiiiiiii got so much done today.

Grocery shopping, a lot done on my Hemlock Ring (10 rows away from done with the center motif), and a lot of cleaning and reorganizing.

A lot.

I pretty much disassembled and reassembled my home office. (asciikitty, I found the interchangeable knitting needles! They were on my craft cart under a knitting pattern!) It is cleaner than it's been... ever. And organized. Boom.

With everything set up that I need to jump in and start working tomorrow, so that also means a project board, et cetera.

I am feeling hella accomplished right now. Also hella achy.

But I love looking around and seeing what I decided to keep, what didn't get organized away into a drawer or tossed or given to the kid. And a lot of it is stuff by y'all. Yarn spun by emilytheslayer, a shawl pin and necklace - yes, just one; it's Relevant - by kythryne. An inside-out matchbox by greylistening. Art by haikujaguar, charitypomaybo, eilonwy, static_eddie, team_tim, and more. A bowl by pharminatrix. Things by LJless people, too. An origami flower made from a StrowlerCon program. And more, on shelves and tucked into nooks and pinned to bulletin boards.

I surround myself with you.