February 7th, 2011


Short Takes

* It's strange when 30-degree weather feels balmy. (I'm from the South, y'all.)

* Breathing is still not better, but doctor today.

* I have a post (and a poem) brewing about how sindrian and I are altering each other in dozens of little and not-so-little ways as we intertwine.

* Which is part of why I definitely do not want to start anything new, romantically or sexually, right now. I need to figure all of that out first!

* Also I should post about my writing being my coping mechanism re: specific stuff from my childhood and adolescence.

* There are a lot of things I should post about.

* If you are interested in volunteering with BARCC, do not apply for our next session, because we have literally five times the number of applicants as we have slots, and three more months for people to apply. Wait til August or October. Yes, this is on my mind a lot.

* I am very tired, and beginning to wonder if the fatigue is because I'm getting insufficient oxygen. We'll see.

* I would like not-dates for movies or burlesque shows or dinner or whatever. So if you were waiting for that perfect time when I'm not busy... well, that's not going to happen. But this month is better than most.
Everything hurts/Doesn't work


I probably still have stuff in my lungs from my last two bouts of ick; I definitely have inflammation. Apparently my peak airflow is less than half of "normal". Awesome fun!

So I'm on a steroid inhaler twice daily for the foreseeable future, plus Mucinex just in case. If my breathing does not improve, we'll Try Something Else.

Inflammation is a red flag for autoimmune in general, but given my two recent respiratory hells, it's likely that it's just that being sick for two months has aggravated my asthma to the point where it won't recover without extra help*. So. Now I have some extra help. Hopefully it'll work!

*and not that my immune system has decided that other parts of my body must be destroyed, which is a thing that we have to look out for forever.
Writing - photo

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Not promising when I'll do anything about these, because time's at a premium, but -

Writing prompts. Drop 'em here.

And I'll even screen comments, in case you've a prompt you don't want the world to know you gave. Let me know if I should unscreen!