February 3rd, 2011

Everything hurts/Doesn't work

Yeah, I'm still not well.

My lungs are so not happy today.

And I have a tabling tonight at the Vagina Monologues at First Parish Church in Harvard Square.

So I have to lug a bag of stuff a mile in the icy goat paths augh.

So. Are there - this is a long shot - are there any of you who have been wanting to see the Vagina Monologues? Tickets are $15 and benefit BARCC. We can have ice cream later. Or hot cocoa. Or something. Just, dudes, I would love to not have to walk again tonight. Anyone wanna give me a ride? *puppydogeyes*
Everything hurts/Doesn't work


For those who have noticed that I still can't finish a sentence without running out of air: I will be going to the doctor on Monday. I'll talk to him about the rheumatological stuff, too.

(I post this because I've given certain people permission to bug me about keeping up with doctor stuff, so now they know not to bug me. :P)
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