February 2nd, 2011


In the interest of tab-clearing

I am online now only through the direct ethernet cable, which means no one else in the house can be online, which means I cannot be on for long.


Here is my collection of links about HR3 which is some bullshit up in here that you need to read about and call your congresscritters about.

Nutshell: HR3 would make the Hyde amendment, which currently has to be renewed every year, permanent. This is messed up.

But! In addition! The only loophole in the Hyde amendment has been cases of rape or incest. HR3 seeks to redefine this as "forcible rape" only.

What is forcible rape?

I'm glad you asked. Because they don't fuckin' know EITHER. "Forcible rape" is not a legal term. It is a term without definition. Basically, what this means is that if you are raped, become pregnant as a result of the rape, want to terminate the pregnancy, and cannot afford to pay out of pocket for an abortion -

You have to go in front of the judge and prove that your rape was "rape-rape", as Whoopi Goldberg would say.

Keep in mind that MOST rapists only use the MINIMUM amount of force necessary.

Perhaps you begin to see the problem.

So obviously this is a thing that catching my interest from the "government gets to decide how traumatic your rape has to be before they'll allow you medical care, and btw if you don't have broken bones they will probably rule against you" angle. But this is not all about rape survivors. To claim that it is tremendously disrespects all of the other people affected by the Hyde amendment.

So the Hyde amendment needs to go down in flames ANYWAY.

But the priority RIGHT NOW is to block HR3, which would make it permanent.

Here is your link roundup.

* Drugged, raped, and pregnant? Too bad. Republicans are pushing to limit rape and incest cases eligible for government abortion funding.

* There's a Twitter campaign.

* Why abortion funding matters.

* Script for calling the Democrats who support HR3.

* This bill allows federal funds to cover abortion if a physician certifies that the pregnancy will kill her, but allows no exceptions for the pregnant woman’s health. So if, for example, continuing a pregnancy will damage the woman’s kidneys so badly that she’ll need to be on dialysis for the rest of her life? Too bad, that’s not life-threatening.

Get educated, get incensed, get on the phone.

A more general link roundup

Since Adam and Elayna are watching House, so I have a little more tab-clearing time.

You can order Steam-Powered: Steampunk Lesbian Stories on Amazon now. Also, there's a two-part interview up with me and several other contributors at Beyond Victoriana.

Remember awesome space opera comic Wandering Star? It is online! Serialized! For free! Go read.

Make butterflies with math.

Following the death of his sister to brain cancer twelve years ago, Motoi Yamamoto adopted salt as his primary medium. In Japanese culture salt is not only a necessary element to sustain human life, but it is also a symbol of purification. He uses salt in loose form to create intricate labyrinth patterns on the gallery floor or in baked brick form to construct large interior structures. As with the labyrinths and innavigable passageways, Motoi views his installations as exercises which are at once futile yet necessary to his healing. (Read the whole thing. Also, of course, stunning pictures.)

Dancers among us.

The process we use to store memories is more complex than previously thought, New York University neuroscientists have found. Yep.

They're still watching TV, so! I have time for a little state-of-the-'song.

Lack of internet makes me crazy. The weather makes me cranky. The weather also makes me achy. Which makes me cranky. Plus it gives me terrible headaches. Also I am exhausted, but the headache distracts me from napping.

I have been putting my energy into knitting for Nerd Wars. I'm on the Babylon 5 team; my first project doubles as a G'Kar-inspired project and a Ventine's Day gift for sindrian Next up I am doing a "Grey 17 is Missing" shawl for the prime numbers challenge. I am a huge dork.

Also I have been reading a lot.

And I'm still in my pajamas, because when headachey and tired I can't be arsed to get dressed.

I am really really hoping that the roads and sidewalks are not super-hazardous tomorrow. So much snow. So much rain. So much wintry mix. I am almost certain that tomorrow will not be a snow day, so I am fervently hoping that I won't be skidding all over the place on my way in to work tomorrow.

Also I'm quite cabin-fevery. Want to go places and do stuff. After a good sleep.

How's by you?

February Schedule

Italicized things are things I'd especially like company for!

February 3: Work; tabling for BARCC at the Vagina Monologues in Harvard Square. I may work from 1-5 instead of 9-1 to keep from having to schlep to/from the bus stop twice. If so, I'll have two hours to kill between work and tabling. Anyone want to join me for dinner, Central or Harvard Square? EDIT: No, looks like I really have to keep my regular work schedule. Fie. But I'm still up for dinner, I guess. Vagina Monologues tabling starts at 7:30.

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