November 19th, 2010



Happy birthday to magenta_girl and scouseboy!

State of the 'Song
Yes, the headache came back yesterday. Seven-day headache. We'll see if it resurfaces today. Perhaps I shall curl up into a little ball. One of the bad things about yesterday was that I found myself unable to nap - when in pain, I try to nap so I can sort of fast-forward through it. No dice.

Transcending Boundaries
Are any of you going? We need to get a box of books to passionandsoul, and I am currently stumped on how that's gonna work.

Link Soup
* Tell us about the pearl foetus.
* I am loving Vag Magazine.
* "Okay, first of all, I just have to ask: are we allergic to the word rape? Or have we been aiding and abetting rape by covering it up as “sex” for so damn long now that we don’t even know how to properly use the word anymore? Because I’m really fucking tired of pointing out the obvious over and over and over again. A child under the age of 12 — 12!!! — cannot “have sex” with an adult. But as these numbers pretty clearly show, an adult sure can rape hir." I've been trying to keep from inundating you with links about rape (though if you follow my on Google Reader, you are totally seeing them there; also, shira_links.)

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Hubble captures new life in an ancient galaxy.
* Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle sets limits on Einstein's 'spooky action at a distance,' new research finds.
* Astronomers find first planet from another galaxy.
* Physicists demonstrate a four-fold quantum memory.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Jeans, black shirt, black sweater. Must punch this up with creative jewelry.
Reading: Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine.
Writing: "Mi Corazon Azul", Miami mythpunk.
Knitting: Still poking at the very boring scarf for Dad. Decided I hated the scarf I was making for my birthmom; frogged it and started a shawl yesterday, only to find today that her favorite colors do not include the color I was making the shawl in. Which is okay, because Elayna loves the color (Dream in Color Smooshy: Romeo Blue) and the pattern (I think she has a crush on Kirsten Kapur's daughter/model, as she wants everything said daughter models), so now that will be one of her Chanukah gifts. And it's working up superfast. So I'll have time to make one for my birthmom in red or purple.
Today: Getting gwynraven from the airport! Yay Gwyn!
Tomorrow: Getting Elayna to MIT Splash! Then probably intense cleaning or wandering the town with Gwyn, depending how she feels. feste_sylvain + tamidon's older daughter is sleeping over, because she's also attending Splash both days. Heroes is a possibility, if a distant one; I have not gone dancing in forever and I wanna.
Sunday: Getting the kids to Splash. Hopefully finishing house stuff. Making the Thanksgiving grocery list - people gotta RSVP by Sunday! *crosses fingers*


Wherein I request assistance

One of the things I'll be doing for the next few months is a great big BARCC website update and overhaul!

There are things you can help me with! :)

* Anyone know how to program in JavaScript? We need this map to be pointed at, y'know, America, since that's where BARCC is. The page has a great big "DO NOT EDIT THIS PART IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING" warning. I am certain that some of you have the skills. Halp?

* One of the suggestions made by an intern reviewing the site: a glossary. The problem with me (and my boss and really anyone here) doing this is that I will forget things that I should be including, just because they're such a normal part of my vocabulary. So I ask you this: What terms would you like to see defined? What words or phrases, when I go off on a tear about sexual violence, make you go "huh?" Please let me know!

And if you have any ideas for stuff that isn't on the website and ought to be, et cetera, let me know.

Thank you! :)