October 13th, 2010


Odin's Day

State of the 'Song
Achy and having some tightness in the chest.

What StrowlerCon 2011 Needs
Well, a lot! But the things we need your help on right now:
* A list of cons and events. We don't want to conflict with five cons/events next year like we did this year! So please, tell me especially about small cons, pagan events, burner events, circusy events. And we need to choose our date before we do anything else.
* Help finding grants we can apply for. cluegirl and I are committed go-getters, woo!, but we do not have the money to front for this. And we need to find out when grants get awarded before we can pick the date. And everything follows from there.
* Site recommendations that are T-accessible.

The Magic of StrowlerCon
I still have to write about the con! And I will! But what I loved is that, like we became circus family on the s00j train trip, we all became strowler family here. Community formed. I have never seen the like. Amazing. And I really feel like every single person who was there will come back next year. And bring friends.

Link Soup
* I am going to be saying "I grieve for the past" all over the place now.
* Diagram of non-monogamous relationships. Exhaustively comprehensive!
* Only date grownups.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Sensitivity to Social Rejection and Inflammatory Responses to Stress
* Google has self-driving cars. Has had 'em for a while, actually.
* Wireless body area network allows your body to send status updates to your cellphone. The diagnostic/medical implications for this are actually freakin' huge.

Work, nap - I'm pretty sure it's nap instead of house-stuff or writer-stuff. I hope to be up for roller-skating tonight (saugussk8 - you're all invited!), but no guarantees. If I'm not up for that, I may be up for the Rebecca Loebe show at Club Passim.