October 7th, 2010

Fuck everything & become a pirate

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Broken tooth, with the rest of said tooth definitely needing to come out. Immediately. Appointment's at 3.

Because of course. Of course with Strowlercon and me already being under the weather and overclocked, of course now.

Add to this the fact that I have major new-doctor issues and dentist issues to begin with and I don't have the time and this happening today fucks up everything for so many reasons. And I don't know how much the co-pay is, but the reason I didn't have a necessary crown there was an exorbitant co-pay required in advance (different dentist, different dental plan), and we're tight already when it comes to paying for our hotel room for StrowlerCon. Which starts tomorrow. And.

I am on round two of helpless panicky tears, and I can see round three from here. FUCK.

EDIT: At least I have a ride; thank you, slipjig.

Pollyanna through the pain

Because I am wigging out to the point of okay, stop, consider where your life does not suck:

I am very fortunate in my friends, that I have at least three people who I could've called upon to give me a ride to the dentist (not counting Adam, because he'd've had to take the bus home and might not have gotten here in time). But, in the moments after my tooth pretty much exploded, after I determined I needed to get to the dentist ASAP, called the dentist, and called Adam, I had three people on my shortlist of "people I know will come and take me to the dentist in the middle of the afternoon if they're not doing an emergency thing for themselves".

And that's a good place to be. Not that I ever want this to happen again. But having a bunch of people any time of day or night (because there are other people who can and would help evenings, weekends) who would take you to the dentist is a good thing. Healthy community.

(I can't drive because
a) I don't know what drugs I'll be given
b) my last seizure was two months ago, so I'm not street-legal for another four
c) Stress and sleep-dep are seizure triggers anyway, so even if I was street-legal, it wouldn't be a sound risk.)
Knowing is half the battle

Y'know what sucks more than emergency oral surgery?

Getting triggered during emergency oral surgery.

The brief summary because dental stuff can be triggery for people anyway: he would've sent me to an oral surgeon had the oral surgeon been open, because I really *needed* the oral surgeon. But I needed immediate care more. And it was a very difficult extraction by *his* standards, not just mine.

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This is the filler text so if you want to see about the procedure but not the thing what triggered me, you won't see it by clicking on the next cut tag. Because I care.

Dentist was surprised that I knew that what was being numbed was my trigeminal nerve. Because apparently that's secret PhD knowledge. Seriously, I got the dead stop, narrowed eyes, and he asked all suspiciously, "How do you know that?" What, I don't look like someone who knows about the nerves in my face? Is it the hair? I don't know.

I have Vicodin. And antibiotics. And an icepack and a wad of gauze. I have about eight zillion things I have to do tonight. I'm shaking like a chihuahua on espresso. How are you?

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No exercise for 24 hours. I'm like oh that works fine because I don't have to be performing onstage for another 29 hours hahaha. Although actually there's rehearsal. Ha.

Hi guys. So today sucked. How's by you?
Yo I'll solve it

Right, then.

Thanks to emergency oral surgery, we do not have wiggle room in our budget for the StrowlerCon hotel room. Pretty much, we can afford it if we don't have to buy food.

...we have to buy food.

And with Adam's night-driving phobia and me being on concom, we really really ought to be staying at the hotel.

This is when I would ordinarily do Wind Tunnel Dreams, but due to my schedule being the way it is this week/weekend/et cetera, I absolutely do not want to promise new spontaneous fiction on a regular basis.

So I'll do this. If you throw a little into the pot, I will send you the short story I read at Arisia this year, "I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between". And when it's edited to my liking, I will send you "Maxfield Parrish Blue(s)", too. "My Empire for Ashes", if you want it. I may work up a scale at some point, x stories for $y, whatever, but I will totally start you off with something that has not seen print anywhere yet and only the people who were at my Arisia reading have ever heard. And it made some of them teary-eyed.

If you donate and leave me a story prompt in comments, I will try to do it next week, but again, I am not making a solid promise there, because my schedule is as it is. The promise is for "I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between", because that's already written! And this should give me a boot in the butt to get around to editing "Maxfield Parrish Blue(s)".

No pressure at all, no minimum amount, no me nudging you if you don't throw some money in; but if you can, it'd be a big help, and you will get a story that people have been liking. Thank you.