September 30th, 2010

Figuring shit out

Kol Nidre

I am waiting for my sleeping pills to kick in, so this post may get disorganized.

Mark and I were talking over dinner about my oaths, specifically the one against lying (I must never lie; I can bend light around the truth if it's to protect another person, but otherwise no), and he said "Kol Nidre."

Me: "?"

Mark: "Any oath you make under duress is considered nonbinding. You can release those."

Me: "! ..."

Mark: "I have perplexed you."

Me: "..."

I have such an elaborate network of oaths and codes and strictures, but they've all grown around each other; some are structure and substructure. How do I tell? Mark wondered how I could not know some of them were under duress, but - a large part of my early life was under duress, largely in ways I didn't figure out til later. This - this is a large task. This is surgery.

I'm keeping the one against lying. I'm ditching the summoning ones. I'll see what else I find.

Thor's Day

Hello to new readers chang3002 and cuprina_bestia!

State of the 'Song
Maybe 4 hours of sleep last night? This time, I videotaped what the CPAP is doing and thrust my Flip in Adam's face this morning. (Which sounds like a euphemism for something but is not.) He agrees that there is a Problem.

One of the things being thrust into these positions so late in the game has done is shown to cluegirl what we were already pretty sure of - we move at the same accelerated pace, we look at things in much the same way, we are engines of Getting Shit Done, and we still adore each other and work smoothly and efficiently together under pressure. shadesong + cluegirl + aquila_dominus = one totally kickass team, I tell you what. Glee!

Some minor amendments on the schedule I posted, so make sure that's the one you share around. Thanks!

We would still love to have someone come in and do a drumming workshop; also, since Rogue Burlesque is now doing two nights of shows, they can't manage the burlesque workshop on Saturday. Yes, we've already asked Honey Suckle Duvet; she's not available. Bostonians, who do you know personally that you can e-mail and implore like today?

Sign up for panels sign up for panels SIGN UP FOR DAMN PANELS NOW thank you. I'll be assigning people tomorrow.

Note: You get a limited number of 1 and 2 rankings. For literature track only, if you need to conserve your 1s for elsewhere, you can put in comments "this is really a 1" or a 2 or whatever. I recommend that you not do this for any other track, because I can't guarantee that other track managers feel the same way on it that I do.

If you really want a panel, though, best way to stand out to the track manager is to use that comment field.

Link Soup
* Good rape culture article from Canada [h/t phantom_wolfboy].
* Remember to support your local gluten-free bakery!

Daily Science
A team of planet hunters led by astronomers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the Carnegie Institution of Washington has announced the discovery of an Earth-sized planet (three times the mass of Earth) orbiting a nearby star at a distance that places it squarely in the middle of the star's "habitable zone," where liquid water could exist on the planet's surface. If confirmed, this would be the most Earth-like exoplanet yet discovered and the first strong case for a potentially habitable one.

Work - wrapping everything up for volunteer training. Home - I will probably need a nap. But if I don't, what I hope to do is block baby blankets, get caught up on my non-Arisia, non-Strowler e-mail, get a spot of knitting done on the shawl, and go through my t-shirt drawer to pull what doesn't fit for better access to what does. Tonight's an at-home night, probably just catching up on TV with the family after I make sure Elayna signs up for her Arisia panels.

One other Arisia thing!

Panelists: There's a place to say what you don't want to be scheduled against.

So if you really want to be able to make it to, say, my reading, or the Take Back the Sci-Fi panel, or the Masquerade, or whatever, *say so*.

10q! <3