September 23rd, 2010


Thor's Day

State of the 'Song
Awake. Too late to bed last night, oogh. (But a most excellent night.)

I know I know I owe you a post and I will do it. Trust me on the awesome.

For being fairly content-free; the week I thought would be not-busy has become busy. At least I have tomorrow off. To be busy in different ways.

Link Soup
* Interesting activism project.
* Looking for stories of women in computer science.
* I had to read this list of the 10 worst SNL hosts of all time just to make sure Michael Phelps and January Jones were on it. (They are.)
* I want gluten-free doughnuts.
* Poem of the Day.

Daily Science
Biomedical researchers at the University at Buffalo have engineered adult stem cells that scientists can grow continuously in culture, a discovery that could speed development of cost-effective treatments for diseases including heart disease, diabetes, immune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Work, where I'll be slammed getting volunteer training stuff sorted before and after a big long meeting. Tabling at New Bostonians Community Day til 2:30. Home tonight for the first night this week - family will get caught up on TV. (Glee!)