September 21st, 2010


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to tewok!

State of the 'Song
Slept through the night again on Robaxin. *sigh* Okay then.

Last information/interview session til December! I enjoy them, but it does mean working a double, and I do feel like I've done nothing but volunteer training stuff since May. So. The October schedule is nailed down, all the prospective volunteers have been interviewed, it remains only to make the decisions. And the various stuff for every day of training, but at least that's spaced out this time.

And so I have those two enforced days off this week. o.O

Those of you who read me on Facebook may recall me trying to decide last week if I ought to write about temple prostitutes or Tam Lin for an anthology I've been invited to. If you're curious, it will be temple prostitutes. In Vegas. Connected to Places You Haunt.

No link soup today because I worked a double yesterday and thus had no internet-perusal time.

BPAL Reviews
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Daily Science
5 things about the next Mars rover.

Writing, hanging out with mangosteen, Diesel.