September 9th, 2010


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to greylistening, gothwalk, and puppermaker40!

State of the 'Song
Actually slept through the night last night! I know, this is only supposed to be an accomplishment if you're an infant. Hush.

Morgan Update!
liminalia says "Mo was spotted by a couple different people in Murphysboro IL tonight headed for the gathering near Harrisburg!! Please keep looking near there! She is with 2 guys, Tim and Josh. Tim has a tear tattoo and a white supremacist gang tat on his arm. They are probably hitching. Mo is using the alias Valia O'Donnell.

CALL POLICE. Then call me 630-508-0112!"

Thank you so much for passing the word like you've been doing. Also, she's traveling within the gutterpunk community, so if you know anyone in that community, make sure they know!

Knitting/DPNs/Magic Loop
So. Can anyone teach me Magic Loop? Because obviously it would be nice to not have to buy DPNs. :) If you're on Ravelry, you can check out my out-of-control queue to see what I need the DPNs/Magic Loop for, so if Magic Loop doesn't look feasible anyway, nudge me?

I Have No Link Soup
So roll your own!

Daily Science
Researchers hear puzzling new physics from graphene quartet's quantum harmonies.

Another jam-packed workday, then rather a lot to do at home, and I hope for a nap. If I don't do a StrowlerCon post today, poke me!


A more involved post later, but right now, I will quote from K's e-mail.

Summary: StrowlerCon is in Woburn October 8-10, with concerts and circus stuff and all manner of merriment, and it is in danger. What we need from you right now is for you to reserve your hotel room now. Today. If the room block doesn't sell enough by end of the day tomorrow, big money issues. So reserve your room now and you can work out roomshares from now, but that need is urgent.

Everything below the dotted line is from K!


Hotel rooms for StrowlerCon are still available, but we desperately need you to reserve your room in the discount block by this Friday.

Seriously, we need you to book a room at the Woburn Holiday Inn within our discount block. Call them at 781-935-8760 today. STR is the group code.

There was a bug in the hotel's online reservation system, and they were turning away our guests for several months. If you or anyone you know tried to book a discount room at StrowlerCon, but were unable to do so, please contact me ( right now and we will get it fixed right away.

Visit for more information.

We have also posted an initial schedule for StrowlerCon, and we've started offering day passes for $25 (for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)

Friday: $25
Concerts: Alexander James Adams, SJ Tucker, Cat Valente Road Show
NC-17 After Dark: Mythpunk Circus: Bondage, Maps, Tattoos, and Trains

Saturday: $25
Concerts: Kellianna, Sharon Knight, Tricky Pixie
NC-17 After Dark: Neverland Circus: Never Grow Up, Never Give In

Sunday: $25
Concerts: Marian Call, Heather Dale, Gypsy Nomads
NC-17 After Dark: Vagabond Circus: Mountebanks, Tumblers, and Wanderers of Fortune

Of course, you can still get all three days for only $45

Visit to register for the event today.

Don't forget you get a 10% discount on registration with this code: swcstrowler

For the particularly budget conscious, and for our favorite fans, we are offering several additional methods of saving money at StrowlerCon:

Volunteer for a couple shifts at the event to get a 50% or higher refund on your event registration:

Stay in the hotel for only $30 per night by sharing rooms:

Discount travel: Megabus still has round trip tickets to Boston from New York City and from Philadelphia for less than $20!

There's more information to come, so check the StrowlerCon website for weekly updates:

Also, you can check out the Facebook event page here:

StrowlerCon is even bigger and more overwhelming that StrowlerFest. We organized this event because our fans in the North East demanded it. When we committed to this event, we were expecting more than two hundred fans to sign up right away. We _need_ you to be there. Tell your friends. Talk about it online. Call your favorite radio programs and podcasts. Spread the word by whatever means you have available, because we _need_ every one of our North East fans to know it's there.