September 1st, 2010


Odin's Day

Rabbit rabbit!

State of the 'Song
The pain has gone, but the nausea remains. It's enough to haul myself to work.

Game and Craft Day!
Sunday Sunday Sunday! RSVP here! If you're not on Facebook: Collapse )

Noon to seven, drift in or out as you will.

This poll fascinates me. There's an interesting correlation there that I need a little more data on...

Link Soup
* Would you buy a cookbook for charity?
* Quietly devastating (trigger warning for body image issues).
* Queering SFF: Where's the Polyamory? (ed. note: Shayara, for one. Need to be working on that again.)

Daily Science
FORGET the imaginary filaments used to weave the clothes that fooled the fabled emperor, can we make real invisible threads instead? Combining techniques used to produce light-bending metamaterials with those used to make optical fibres might just do the trick.

Work, home, cleaning if it's cool enough in the house, vetting Arisia panels, doing round two of StrowlerCon stuff. Hauling down bags of outgrown-by-Elayna clothes for rintrahroars. We do love having kids to give this stuff to; Elayna discovered another dress she'd outgrown this weekend and was all sadface, then shrugged: "Oh well. K. will love it!"

Regarding that crossposting thing

It is still okay to link to my public posts in your LJ without seeking individual permission, but:

* Please use discretion when linking to my posts or comments to my posts on Facebook, as my Facebook is PG-13. My daughter and her friends, my father, my birthmom, et cetera read me on Facebook, and Elayna, for one, chooses not to read me on LJ on purpose. No one wants to see Mommy bein' raunchy. So keep public post links on Facebook PG and PG-13, please.

* Please do not post my locked posts or comments to my locked posts on Facebook or Twitter. I don't do many locked posts at all, but generally if I do it's for a reason, and generally that has to do with the privacy of others and my effort to create safe space. Please respect that. As Wil Wheaton says, don't be a dick.

Yes, I know that privacy online is an illusion; I am more aware of that than most people are, given my stalker-fraught history. Therefore I really don't post anything that I'm not fine with the world knowing - but! the world should get to decide whether it wants that info, hence the LJ/FB division.

Kind of Adorable.

This is the second time in a row I've gotten swag from a university for a survivor speaker gig. Last time it was glowstick whistles - and despite my issues with the concept of the rape whistle (puts responsibility on the survivor and not on the perpetrator; prevention should = teach people not to rape people), glowsticks really are always handy.

This time, from Thursday's speech? A very soft and cuddly hoodie from the university in question. The clinician who followed me in their two-day training brought it to me today. I find this endearing. Aw, guys, they want me to be warm!

Oh. Well. Yes.

rintrahroars came by with her older daughter, and we were discussing The Secret of NIMH (which has a fierce kickass mom in it! mompunk alert!).

Me: "Did you love Jeremy the crow?"
K: "Oh, yeah!"
Me to rintrahroars, who faintly remembers the movie: "I always loved Jeremy! He was so magpieish with the shiny things and he was all like omg string!!!, and I -" *pause* "And now I'm a knitter."


Here's my favorite pic of Jeremy, by Kiriko Moth</i> (who does tattoo design, and if I ever get a tattoo I'm splurging and getting a design from her).