August 29th, 2010

City full of ghosts

Jessa is exposing herself again.

Rather, exposing more of her story. But it's Jessa. So.

Warning: this post will make no sense to those who know nothing about Shayara; feel free to scroll.

Refresher: Jessa is best known during the timeline of the story proper as Capri's mother, one of the first fatalities of the Purges... you don't get to know her in the main story, really. Except as negative space. You see bits of her in how Capri was raised, in how she remains a huge part of Fenris's world.

I have three novella-to-novel-length flashback stories that run parallel to the main story. One of them, the one I'm currently working on in fits and starts, is Jessa's story. I'm following her from her late adolescence at the Sanctuary, where she meets Fenris, up through her eventual death. In between, she returns to the city, makes fateful decisions both good and bed bad*, triggers a revolution, leads a House, raises a child...

...and I cannot get the woman out of bed most days, you guys. She's seriously perhaps my horniest character ever.

So of course the new story revelation has to do with her sex life of course it does dammit Jessa put some clothes on.

...oh hai.

So I was thinking (a dangerous pasttime, I know) about the lack of poly relationships in this generation of Shayara. I figure I don't have many visible because when I first thought up this generation, I did not yet know what poly was, and I hadn't revisited it enough to go huh. But of course there would be poly folk, because the relationship model in the next generation down is predominantly poly, and that doesn't just happen out of thin air. So who in this generation, the generation of the main characters' parents, might Jessa have had a relationship with concurrent with her post-Fenris relationship with and marriage to Marcus? It wouldn't all be Beltane hookups; that's not how Jessa's wired. There would be someone. Capri and Kieran were best friends growing up, so maybe Kieran's father - but no, because he was an asshole. Say what you will, Jessa wouldn't go for that. So, strong character, same or similar social stratum -

- and boom into my head drops the whole thing -

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* Yes, yes, one-track mind! I blame Friday's glutening. Still brainfogged!