August 28th, 2010


Catch-up post

I missed a lot of birthday announcements this week! Happy birthday, belated and current and tomorrow, to felisdemens, hammercock, fairylogic, mer_moon, c1, annaguirre, jasra, zarhooie, and bahtswana!

State of the 'Song
Y'all. Exhausted. To sum up: I had a con, then an insanely busy and overlong workweek (average of an extra 1/4-1/2 a day every day), plus not sleeping in my own bed, which always throws me off anyway. My house is a mess and I have piles of unanswered e-mails and undone chores. I call pajama day.


Alas, now Epic Owl is hung over.

Read This
Because all women are real women.

Order Electric Velocipede!
Issue #20 is out, and features a story and a poem by me. Or save money by subscribing - I'm in issue #21, too.

Now I will Drop a Pile of Links Upon Your Head
* How to crochet a yip-yip alien.
* "Seven Hair-Metal Ballads That Gave Me Stupid Ideas About Love and Sex". So yes.
* We are so there.
* Marvel responds to Runaways casting concerns. Phew.
* The Doctor visits MIT. Of course he does. I love Boston.
* You GUYS. There is a JEM convention. Bus distance from me. This is TRULY, TRULY, TRULY OUTRAGEOUS.
* The new Weird Al polka is called "Polka Face" and it is, of course, awesome.
* There was a Philip K. Dick festival and no one told me!
* This "What Would You Do?" brought tears to my eyes; I'm showing it to Elayna soon as I finish this post.
* And remember the treatsfortits bake sale!

* Tiny pitcher-plant dwelling frog.
* A distant solar system that centers on the star HD 10180 has at least 5 planets, and most likely two more. It's possibly the most populous solar system we've spotted, other than our own. And it's pretty weird.
* Gorgeous photos of insect eggs.

IT ARE PAJAMA DAY. Also nap day. I imagine I'll get some cleaning around the house done because it would make me twitchy not to. Party tonight. Tomorrow's another very necessary pajama day; maybe I'll get cracking on replying to that stack of e-mails then.