August 25th, 2010

Figuring shit out


First things first: Training going well, life going just fine. My hideous stressballiness last week was hormones, turns out. Do not be concerned! More updatery tomorrow.


Every training, we make the new volunteers a mix CD of their theme songs. Usually I write these down; this time, I was called out of the room for a walk-in who needed BARCC-type counseling (I still don't know who was actually on office coverage), so my co-facilitator did it, and... hee. Her handwriting is an interesting puzzle.

But the big problem is that one of the people was extremely softspoken, and my co-facilitator was unable to make out quite what she was saying; she had her repeat herself a few times, but anything else would have seemed suspicious.

So I do not know what song this person wants. What is written down is "The Memory of Kintero". Neither Kintero not Quintero are pulling up anything; Kitaro doesn't have a song with "memory" in the title.

So, Detective LJ: Does anyone here have a clue what song this might be?