August 22nd, 2010


Crispy 'song

Back from Pi-Con, had a great time, pants are bankrupt.

1. Treating this as a relaxacon was an excellent idea. Yes, I had seven panels. That's a relaxacon for me. I said fuckit to my usual painstakingly-planned wardrobe and jewelry and just grabbed jeans, t-shirts, and underpants and hit the road. I moderated a panel post-Jack-Daniels (and was complimented on it). I actually got to hit Barfleet. I am crispy-fried but it was good.

2. I need to see if I have permission to share the funniest goddamn thing that happened at the con. Which was Friday night at the bar.

3. I have a contract signed by the conchair and the Guest of Awesome that says I get a spanking from the head of security (who I have a pre-existing spanking relationship with) for each and every infraction of the con rules. We were keeping a tally on my arm with sharpie.

4. I have no idea where that bruise came from. No, not from spanking. Yes, I need to stop poking it and saying "That hurts!"

5. I have rarely been that exhausted at a con, so hopefully I was making sense.

Completely unrelated to Pi-Con, this is the last day you can vote for me in the ServiceHero contest, and also I am baking gluten-free cornbread for the treatsfortits bake sale; you can bid on it here. Check out the other items too!