August 17th, 2010


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to any_contingency!

State of the 'Song
Day four of massively interrupted sleep argh.

So I remembered that hey, I am a member of the Sundara yarn group on Ravelry! Let's see what other people got for autumn!

...yes, this is actually what they are passing off as autumn. %$&^&^%

I don't know how to make stash pics visible to people not on Ravelry, but here's the pink/violet, which is almost certainly up for swap or sale; here's the green, which I have decided I actually like, but it is not autumnal you guys. At all. *sulk*

It turns out you only get one vote! So if you voted for me an Dave yesterday, please to delete one and vote for me or Dave.

If you have not voted, please do! Click here, click "Shira Lipkin" or "Dave Rini", and click the VOTE button. Make sure you actually tweet the vote when prompted, or it shan't be counted. You do not have to be local to vote!

Dave and I have an Unsekrit Pact that if one of us wins, we are inviting the other to our ice cream party.

Workshops at Wyrding Studios!
I remind you! This will be awfully fun; it's the sort of thing I do as a recharge anyway, visit Kyth and Amy and the menagerie and make stuff, so making a party of it? Awesome. If you need an emotional recharge and like making stuff, this is a great idea. I'm going to the September 4th one.

Labor Day Weekend
Hey locals: Are there any existing labor day weekend plans? Because I might do something that Sunday or Monday if I can talk Adam into it and if there's not already a lot going on that I've skimmed past on Suspects.

Link Soup
* hammercock and taura_g are doing the Breast Cancer three-day walk again! At least, they are if they get enough sponsorships. Go help out!
* Pretty patterns to color in.
* Interesting theory on Song of Ice and Fire.
* The History of Aquaman Explained.
* Open Source jewelry.
* *giggle*

Daily Science
Building on an enzyme found in nature, researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created a nanoscale coating for surgical equipment, hospital walls, and other surfaces which safely eradicates methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), the bacteria responsible for antibiotic resistant infections. (To which all I can say is now? Too fucking late.)

Work. Work is particularly jam-packed this week, so - hugs if you see me! Please? Possibly nap, possibly writing, as Elayna will be off partying with lunalovegoddess and family; I hope for writing, but my lack of sleep may kick my ass. Diesel.

Oh Yeah Pi-Con

Pi-Con is this weekend!

6:00pm: The Alien Mind. How do you construct a character or culture that thinks in a fundamentally different way from you? What are some examples of truly convincing aliens? Can a reader be truly sympathetic to a character with a fundamentally different way of seeing the world? Robert Sawyer, George Claxton, Shira Lipkin.

7:00pm: Myths, Legends, and Folklore. What common threads in folklore and fairy tales do we enjoy seeing over and over, and how do we change them to fit our current society? Many themes from the old tales do not still apply, so which ones do, and how do we change the ones that don't? KT Pinto, Shira Lipkin, Vikki Rose.

10:00pm: Beyond Physics: The Many Science of Science Fiction. While a lot of speculative fiction is still very focused on physics, speculation can come from any field of study, including anthropology, computer science, psychology, and history. A discussion of some of the more unusual ways that science fiction has chosen to examine the human condition. Robert Sawyer, Justine Graykin, Shira Lipkin, Vikki Rose.

11:00am: Identity Politics and Fandom. There has been an increasing discussion of how we as sci-fi fans deal with members of identity groups, such as women or people of color. How does this discussion affect diversity at conventions? David Sklar, George Claxton, Shira Lipkin, Kate Farb-Johnson.

12:00pm: Poly Families. Let's get past flirting with each other for a few minutes and talk about the long-term ramifications of being poly: namely, building family, blending households, and raising kids. Jen Melchert, Elayna Jade, Shira Lipkin, Michael Whitehouse.

8:00pm: Fandom Mediation Sessions. This is a template for a series of panels. Essentially, the idea is to ask some panelists to take a side and debate the relative merits of their side and/or discuss whether we can all just get along. Ideas for specific panels: Ninjas v. Pirates, Cyberpunk v. Steampunk, Vampires v. Werewolves, Elves v. Dwarves. Elayna Jade, Genevieve Eldredge, George Claxton, Julia Burton.

11:00am: Reading. A full hour split between me and Elayna as we see fit.

12:00pm: Young Adult Fiction. What makes a work of fiction more or less appealing to young adults than the rest of us? How does the publishing process differ for YA fiction? What YA books do you recommend for young folks and for older folks? Elayna Jade, Julia Burton, Vikki Rose, Shira Lipkin.