August 16th, 2010



Happy birthday to popelizbet!

Hello to new readers 404_lost and cure4lupus!

State of the 'Song
Weary. Attending a friend's memorial is a bit like being punched repeatedly in the sternum. Also, third night in a row of interrupted sleep.

A Letter to a Pair of Boots
Dear Gilgarran Boots,

You are so TOTALLY AWESOME. But you are not worth $300 to me. Especially because the smallest size you come in is slightly too big.


PS: Gyar I need boots or even just shoes I can walk a few miles in. Recommendations? Cinderella's of Boston appears to only have three pairs of flats.

Link Soup
* My husband on why Death Proof is the worst Friday the 13th movie ever.
* Some views of Dr. Laura's latest racist fuckery.
* The Baby-Sitters Club, by Bret Easton Ellis.
* These cats disapprove of your shenanigans.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* New gel could speed wound healing.
* A newly-discovered asteroid near Neptune holds several clues about the early formation of our solar system.
* Einstein@Home 'citizen scientists' discover a new pulsar in Arecibo telescope data.

Work, possibly a nap, then back to the office to a training. Nap is conditional upon exhaustion levels. Killing the time between work and moar work at the yarn store is also an option.
One Person can Make a Difference

What People Need!

So many interesting requests in there, from recipes to wetsuit recommendations and more! I'm just going to highlight some of the big ones here, but do please go check out the post and see if there's anything you can help with.

Jobs Wanted
* Cambridge, MA: Front-end web development or social media wonk.
* Cambridge, MA: "I'm a small animal veterinarian in the camberville area looking for work. I could also use some income in the meantime, so if anyone still has data entry or something i could do from home, that would be great, too.
* Boston area: "A job in mechanical engineering".
* Hartford, CT: I'm a professionally trained baker, but I also have solid office admin skills -- all the usual Microsoft programs, sure, but give me an hour and a manual and I'll be up and running on ANY end-user program, I've done it before. I've just finished up working as a census crew leader, so I've got supervisory and what amounts to HR experience.
* Upstate NY: "neuroscience/cell culture/research assistant, or Information Technology/programming/database, or even just slinging espresso at this point."
* Syracuse/Central NY: "Technical support/repair field (no programming please)."
* NYC: "I will have a BA in English Literature with a minor in Women's Studies, as well as research and (some) office experience. I would love to do something that involves writing/editing, the publishing/media industries, or working for nonprofits."
* NYC/NJ area: "Production editor, managing editor, copy editor, or proofreader."
* Philadelphia, PA: "I'm looking for something related to art, education, and/or development, preferably in the non-profit sector."
* DC/MD/Philly/DE region: "I am a wildlife naturalist by training. I am also really good at organizing things."
* Nashville, TN: "I need to find an internship in the Interior Design field"
* Raleigh, NC but willing to relocate: "Phlebotomy by preference, since I am certified and trained now and all ... but I've done customer service in general since I was sixteen years old."
* "A job in the NoVA area that would draw upon my data-entry/editing and proofreading/people/office skills, which would not require a degree or me to be on my feet all day."
* Morganville, WV: Seeking restaurant job.
* Chicago area: I have a bachelor's in Business CIS and am nearly done with a masters, I've worked help desk for one year and worked in the government for 2 years, I'm hardworking and learn fast so it doesn't have to be a strictly tech job."
* Phoenix, AZ/Southwest US: "I'd love a creative job or something related to books, but I'm willing to be flexible.
* Kansas City: "He is an interactive designer finishing his Masters at KU. He can also do graphic design.
* Oregon: "I have an A.A., creative writing/retail/animal training/large amount of cash handling experience."
* "My partner needs a job in his field in the semiconductor industry. His specialty is back-end, not front-end. In other words, he does design rules verification for chips and microcircuitry, not programming, not systems administration, not tech support."
* "I need an internship at a museum, preferably a paid internship though unpaid works too, for the summer of 2011."

Jobs Available
* Medford, MA: IT jobs.
* Looking for a job in Higher Education/Housing...? Have a Master's in a related field? UMASS Dartmouth is hiring for a brand-new position: Coordinator of Community Standards and Academic Initiatives.
* Cambridge, MA: An accounting consultation with a small business owner.
* Boston area: Operations Manager with a Staffing/HR focus.
* Boston Area: Everything from Customer Service to computer programming and database management type jobs. Feel free to email sylverice AT gmail if you have any questions about the company.
* "Despite the title ("IT Support Assistant II"), this isn't really an IT job. It involves wrangling text via a wide variety of software programs, managing student clients (and their professors) and student workers, and coordinating with one's peers at the job. It can be a high-stress job, and it requires people skills and the ability to work to deadline."
* Burlington, VT: Software support.
* NYC: Grub Street Interns, Online Editorial Interns, and Copy Editor.
* "I am seeking a layout editor/artist, preferably someone with skills to do both covers and interior work."

Places to Live Wanted
* Boston-area: T-accessible, $500-600, with two cats.
* Somerville/Cambridge, MA: "Starting somewhere between September 7-17 and ending sometime after November 16 (I'm flexible). I don't think I can afford much more than $600 a month (rent+utilities), but I'm also willing to work something out where I do the lion's share of cooking and/or cleaning."

Places to Live Available
* Washington, DC: If anyone happens to know some kind, nifty, relatively financial solvent people in the DC area who need a place to live and would like to be near downtown, please feel free to send them my way.
* Manhattan: "I need to sell my 1 BR in Manhattan. Awesome for 1 person or a couple! Great building, great neighborhood, full time doorman, good school district - Upper West Side right near Columbia."

Advice Wanted
* I'm looking into getting a certificate in Database Management at the community college where I work part-time. I have to choose between SQL and Oracle. I need to know the difference in the real world job opportunities to help me decide which to do.
* Albany, NY band needs venue ideas.
* "i need a database of resources for single moms, preferably nonreligious."
* "I need free web page planning software. Like Dreamweaver, I guess, but doesn't have to be that comprehensive b/c I want a very simple site.And knowledge of a web host that is cheap & easy for n00bs to work with, but won't sell my url to other bidders if I end up linked to some superblog somewhere."
* "I need a better understanding of the growing seasons in south Louisiana."

* Lyrica needed.
* "I need a recommendation for a great rheumatologist in the DC metro area, preferably in the Laurel/Columbia area."

Buyers Wanted
* Unorthofox jewelry
* Emblems glass beads and jewelry
* Yarn, dresses, perfume.
* FireSign in Orono, ME.

Looking for New Friends
* Upstate NY / Syracuse area.
* New York City.
* StrowlerCon.

* "Money to pay for my mother's cancer treatment. Stage 3 ovarian and endometrial cancer. My parents have no savings because they've spent most of their adult lives working for a stipend to help others in poor countries. And they have no health insurance because they're currently working in India. I *am* writing a donation-funded serial, "The Circus of Brass and Bone," (post-apocalyptic steampunk circus murder mystery! launch in two weeks!) to raise money for her treatment, but it still rather feels like there's not much I can do.
One Person can Make a Difference

It's a major award!

My fellow BARCC volunteer/co-blogger/partner in justice and I are up for the Boston ServiceHero Award for excellence in volunteering! :)

I could give you the whole spiel about what we do and how awesome it is, but if you've been reading me any length of time, you already know. If not, click the link and read all about it!

So if you think we're doing a good job, if you believe in what we're doing with BARCC - it would be *totally awesome* if you bounced on over there and voted for us. You don't even have to be Bostonian, you just have to think that our volunteering rocks.

So click our names, click the big blue VOTE button, and click to post your vote on Twitter.

Shira Lipkin & Dave Rini, SERVICE HEROES.


EDIT: Apparently you can only vote once, so vote for me *or* Dave!


Whoa! Cavalcade of recommendations! I thank you, but let me unpack why shoe shopping is an extra bonus pain:

1. Tiny feets. As in, size 4 generally. As in none of the sites recommended carry shoes in my size.
2. I can only wear flats. This is partially because
3. I have brachymetatarsia in both feet. This means that my fourth toe on each foot is sort of pushed up and back. So it doesn't reach the ground (I leave four-toed footprints) and therefore I don't have as much balance there as most people. Plus, with the way it's raised, I need a deeper toe area in my shoes, and the shoes need to be supersoft, or I will get blisters from hell.

So... it's hard to find shoes! The sandals I've been wearing this summer are the first I've owned in the 21st century; straps over that toe are bad, plus no heels - yeah. I've actually never owned a pair of cute calf-length boots, which sucks because I love the look with skirts. I have a pair of snow boots, but I don't want to always wear snow boots when, y'know, it's not snowing. And my flats are nice, but none of them are good for multi-mile walks. So. I keep searching.

I do love that everyone's first instinct is to be helpful!

(Treatment for brachymetatarsia is surgery to implant a longer bone or pins & screws to streeeetch out the existing bone over 14-16 months, and no fucking thank you; I'll just go barefoot whenever I can instead, thanks.)
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Brief complaint about a first-world problem

Earlier this year when I had a bit of money, I treated myself to a Seasons yarn subscription at Sundara Yarn, home of luscious oversaturated color yum. I dithered about whether I wanted winter or autumn for weeks. I know. I'm a dork. Chose autumn. The yarns were delayed a month, and that was fine because they kept us apprised and gave us a coupon. Friday they notified me that they mailed them. YAY! I have been all bouncy because there's a chill in the evening air and a few crunchy leaves on the ground, and I! Get! Autumn! Yarn!

Yarn arrived today.

I am fairly certain that I have the wrong damn shipment, because I associate bright green and pink/violet with spring. Maybe summer. *Not* autumn.


I have e-mailed them, and hopefully it was just an oversight easily fixed, but I am cranky because seriously, I was walking home like "Today! Today is autumn yarn day!" It is not autumn yarn day after all.

Yes, I know, it is a *tiny* problem as problems go, but I want my autumn colors. *pout* I'm going to go nap now.