August 12th, 2010


Thor's Day

State of the 'Song
Double shift means tired 'song.

Doc Needs Help!
docwebster is in a Situation and needs your assistance. He's one of the good guys. Help him if you can.

Helping Each Other
Remember to poke around yesterday's post - you may have just what someone needs!

Link Soup
* Check out sheistheweather's Etsy shop!
* Archie Comics: Shit just got meta.
* A Calvin & Hobbes search engine.
* Song lyrics as Google Maps directions.
* A reader's drinking game. Add your own in comments!

Daily Science
This month physicist Juan Collar and his associates are taking their attempt to unmask the secret identity of dark matter into a Canadian mine more than a mile underground.

Work, nap, Dragonette concert.

Sorry for brevity of post - I have not been getting enough rest, and it's hard to get my ass in gear of a morning!