August 3rd, 2010


Tew's Day

State of the 'Song
Much like yesterday. Long day was long.

Have been informed that the auctions are randomly down *again*. Will let you know when they're back up. I recommend you place your maximum bid when I say they're up, because I have no clue why they keep getting yanked out from under us and - yeah, no freaking clue.

I am aware that the auction issues have, at this point, cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in thwarted donations to BARCC. This is exactly as upsetting as you think it is. This is not the program I was told I was getting and not the way I was told it was going to run, but I didn't know until a few days before the 'thon that I was not getting what had been described to me. I stayed home from a wedding to get this site running when I found that it had zero functionality and had never been tested. (This is not my site and I have no control of the auction, which is another reason I would absolutely never have agreed to doing it this way.) There was no time to fix it. My only other option at that point would've been to host the auctions on LJ again, which basically means that offsite bidders have no way of knowing they've been outbid and we have to track every auction telling people over and over to bid in the comment thread and not to the post itself. Turns out that might have worked better.

For next year, fiddle_dragon and I are coding something that *I* will run on *my* site. We are starting next month, so we have plenty of time. It will be extensively tested.

For now, holding pattern and if there's something you want, bid like crazy when I give you the word.

EDIT: It is up again for now.

No Link Soup
Another day without, as I was at work 1-9 and so not very internetty.

Work, lunch and something to kill time, then going to help out at taura_g's. Rebecca Loebe concert tonight at TOAD if Taura boots us out 'round then.
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I've been seeing a bunch of people post publicly, so I guess we can post publicly now.

feste_sylvain had the 1-9AM Blogathon pit crew shift. He showed up, took care of us, played Sudoku, and we blogged our crazy sleep-deprived asses off. 9am finally roled around, I had my last giant-squid post good to go. And he pulled up a chair and sat next to me and took my hands and said "Aries died yesterday."

I didn't believe him for a second, and then I did believe him, and then I couldn't breathe, and then I think I was not making sense for a bit. We cleared everyone out, I e-mailed Aries's partners, and Adam finally managed to get me to bed, where I stared into space for an hour waiting for the adrenaline to crash.

People are focusing on good memories in their posts. For me, some of my good memories of ariesd are tangled with things other people might not think of right off as good, so I beg your patience.

Aries had been ill for some time (though he seemed much better recently, which is why this was such a shock). My body is haywire in different ways, but still, there is this social isolation thing that happens when your body does not work, and there is a tremendous relief in finding someone you can talk to about your complicated medical shit - who you don't have to do 101 with, who won't worry about the things you and they can't fix. Aries and I saw that in each other right away, and we bonded on that level as much as on SF geekery. When I was at a party with Aries, our conversations would shift to this medication or that procedure, and I know everyone around us was lost.

There is a particular thing you do, choices you make, when you are physically unwell but you are determined to live well. He was a companion in that.

Two? years ago, maybe a year and a half, before my celiac diagnosis, I was scanning my neurological + autoimmune problems as maybe something else. I was very anxious about going to the doctor and insisting on the test I wanted. Aries said "No problem, I'll take you." He drove me there and sat with me, arms folded, level gaze at the neuro. He didn't need to say anything, and I didn't need to push hard. It was just having him there. That helped.

And Aries was like that with everyone. If you needed help on anything, Aries was there. Always. Without even a second thought.

I last saw Aries a week ago today, at Diesel. It would be no surprise to anyone who's read this far that our last conversation was about his new medication, which I've also been on; what side effects he could expect, et cetera. It would be no surprise to anyone who knew him that that conversation ended with a big, warm hug.

I can think of few people as universally beloved 'round here as ariesd.

He deserved it.

I do not have more words right now.
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Social Change

Auction site is back up for now!

And will hopefully be up til 5pm EST, but just in case, get your maximum bids in now!

EDIT: Oh, and: winning bidders should pay by Friday, and I'll be mailing everything Saturday. If you are local, please save me postage - we can meet up to exchange goods. (Note that I can take a check made out to BARCC, but I cannot take cash.)

ALSO EDIT @7:30pm: Auction is over; I'm just waiting for the list of winning bidders' e-mail addresses so I can send instructions!